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Royal Perth Hospital New Heliport

Western Australia Royal Perth Hospital new 788m2 heliport opened after a $10M invest. It can take two helicopters at any time

Royal Perth Bentley Group (RPBG) heliport will be mainly used by RAC Rescue Helicopter but can operate military Black Hawk o Seahawks as well

Royal Perth Hospital New Heliport
Western Australia Gov, May 31, 2022 - Western Australia’s (WA) Royal Perth Hospital has unveiled a new A$10 million heliport on 26 May, following the announcement of new helicopters and a renewed HEMS contract yesterday

The 788m2 helipad was constructed to meet Civil Aviation Safety Authority standards, and is designed to support the static and dynamic loads generated by helicopters upon take-off and landing, with a maximum static safe working limit of up to 12 tonnes.

The helipad’s opening will enable easier access for critical care patients being transported by RAC Rescue Helicopter, the state’s only emergency rescue helicopter service, as well as other aircraft in the event of state emergencies, such as military Black Hawks and Seahawks.

The helipad was unveiled in a ceremony attended by Health Minister Amber-Jade Sanderson and Emergency Services Minister Stephen Dawson.

Royal Perth Hospital receives majority of trauma patients in WA

The Royal Perth Hospital up to 309 patients delivered via air ambulance, often transported from locations several hundred kilometers away. As the home to the state’s Major Trauma Center and State Spinal Service, the hospital receives the majority of WA’s trauma patients.

“Trauma doctors talk about the golden hour – 60 minutes from injury to treatment – which makes a big difference for patient outcomes,” said Health Minister Amber-Jade Sanderson. “This new heliport and its ability to take the new rescue helicopters is a real game changer in terms of being able to get patients to hospital quicker.

About 30 per cent of WA’s road trauma comes from country areas so every minute makes a big difference.”

The helipad’s opening follows the renewal of CHC’s HEMS contract in the state.

It follows the signing of a new contract between the WA government and operator CHC Helicopter Australia on 25 May, to extend its operation of RAC Rescue Helicopter for a further 12 years.

Under the new agreement, the state’s fleet of Bell 412EP rescue helicopters will be replaced with three new Leonardo AW139s.

Royal Perth Hospital New Heliport

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