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    NEWS | AMS Heli Design State of Texas

    Two AW119Kx for South African Red Cross

    Texas based AMS Heli Design delivered 2 AW119Kx outfitted with EMS interior to South African Red Cross Air Mercy Service


    Two AW119Kx for South African Red Cross

    AMS Heli Design, September 26, 2018 - Denison, TX - AMS Heli Design, LLC is proud to announce the delivery of two AW119Kx outfitted with the AMS Heli Design lightweight EMS interior to South African Red Cross Air Mercy Service (SARCAMS).

    The helicopters, formerly operated by REACH Helicopter, have been retrofitted with their new lightweight EMS interior at their hangar facility in Denison, Texas, the home base of the company, and included a number of additional services such as structural repairs from the removed interiors, periodical maintenance, disassembly for oversees transport, and containerized delivery. The outcome is massive weight saving of 103Lbs at the same time offering additional equipment options such as a 35% more capable oxygen bottle and an articulating stretcher offering improved patient handling.

    SARCAMS is a non-profit organization which provides both fixed and rotor wing aero-medical services along with helicopter external load operations and health outreach support services to communities in both rural and urban areas across South Africa.

    SARCAMS, in adding the additional AW119Kx helicopters to their fleet, chose to fit the light weight FAA STC’d AMS Heli Design AW119 EMS interiors since it is a good fit for their operational requirements in terms of a multi-role helicopter platform conducting both air ambulance and external load operations from coastal to hot and high areas.

    “I was grateful to receive this challenge since I know the value of our kit. It adds incomparable operational advantages through the seat allocation and articulating stretcher and the weight saving is amazing thanks to the use of new materials and interior arrangements” said Andrea Girolin CEO of AMS Heli Design.

    About AMS Heli Design, LLC: AMS Heli Design is a premier aviation engineering development and interior certification company, based at North Texas Regional Airport (KGYI). Current projects under certification include a modular light weight incubator base manufactured using Carbon Fiber materials certified for AW169/AW139/ H135/145 and adaptable to most of the helicopter and fix wing aircraft types.

    Additionally, AMS Heli Design, in early August, started the design and FAA certification of a new lightweight advanced materials AW169 EMS interior.

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