17-jan-86    to    24-jan-86

Operation Balsac

17-jan-86    to    24-jan-86

yemen Democratic Republic of South Yemen

On 17 Jan 1986, after the failure of Russian conciliation to contain the situation, the Marxist state of South Yemen erupted into civil war. Russian, British and French ships converged on the coast to evacuate their nationals.

HMS Jupiter, HMS Newcastle and RFA Brambleleaf had just left Mombasa from their Armilla Patrol duties and were diverted to Aden to meet with HMS Hydra, HMY Britannia and the P and O vessel mv Diamond Princess to evacuate British nationals.


Dates UnitModels
    17jan86 to 24jan86 UK 815 NAS Fleet Air Arm Lynx

Not all models shown may have taken part in the Operation

helicopter   Individual helicopters

Model IDs
Westland Lynx HAS3 ZD265    


Guided-Missile Destroyer   Type 42 (Batch 1 and 2) class Royal Navy D87 HMS Newcastle,
Frigate   Seawolf Leander class Royal Navy F60 HMS Jupiter,
Support Ship   Hecla class Royal Navy A144 HMS Hydra,
Support Ship   Achéron class French Navy A620 Jules Verne,

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