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  • australia Operation Hurricane

    Montebello Islands, off Western Australia


    First British A-bomb test detonation, following a planned rehearsal on 20 Sep. A 25 kiloton yield, plutonium implosion bomb was initiated inside HMS Plym, moored just to the west of Trimouille Island.
    The central ship (HMS Plym, bearing the device) was supported by LSTs HMS Zeebrugge, HMS Narvik and HMS Tracker, with HMS Campania as the Flag. After the operation, HMS Campania returned to the UK with the ships company of HMS Plym.


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    DatesRotary Wing Aircraft UnitModels
        oct52 AU 816 Squadron Fleet Air Arm (RAN)

    Not all models shown may have taken part in the Operation
    Some of the units could be operating fixed wing aircraft at the time, check every unit for details

    Individual helicopters

    Model IDs
    Westland Dragonfly HR.3 WG663     WG664     WG665    


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    Aircraft Carrier  Nairana class   Royal Navy D48 HMS Campania,

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