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    penguin antarctica nz helicopters

    Founded in 1955. Since 2011 HNZ New Zealand Ltd, part of HNZ Group


    Co-pilot Training Program by PHI New Zealand, 09-Sep-20 : #copilot Co-pilots’ careers take flight with launch of new cadet training programme by PHI International at New Plymouth, New Zealand

    HNZ New Zealand Renew Offshore Oil and Gas Support, 01-Jun-16 : HNZ New Zealand Ltd renewed contract from New Plymouth to various offshore petroleum platforms using two of the current AgustaWestland AW139. The third helicopter will be redeployed to other country

    Helicopters New Zealand Orders Three AW139s Plus Two Options, 28-May-08 : AgustaWestland is pleased to announce that Helicopters New Zealand (Helicopters NZ) has signed a contract for an additional three AW139 medium twin turbine engine helicopters plus options for a further two aircraft.

    Model Types

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      AW AW1392007
      SNIA AS350 Ecureuil

    List of Aircraft

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    412 33066 1982ZK-HDA : Helicopters NZ; Jun11 with ZK-HNI to Canada
    AS350B2 Ecureuil 9000 1998ZK-HFA : Helicopters (NZ) Ltd May/Aug 2001
    AS350B Ecureuil 2132 ZK-HFH : Helicopters NZ from Dec01-Jun09
    AS350BA Ecureuil 2846 ZK-HJV : New Zealand, to PK-TVC
    : HNZ New Zealand Ltd, conv to B2 type
    AS350B Ecureuil 1661 1982ZK-HND : New Zealand, to VH-WCD
    : Helicopters NZ, to Laos
    AW139 41271 2011ZK-HNF : New Zeland Oct17-?
    212 30576 1973ZK-HNG : Helicopters NZ, noted May88
    412SP 33204 1989ZK-HNI : New Zealand, to C-GENW
    : Helicopters NZ; Jun11 with ZK-HDA to Canada
    H-34G III 1673 1963ZK-HNJ : 5sep83
    212 31139 ZK-HNO : New Zealand Helicopters; to VH-BQH
    AW139 31156 2009ZK-HNO : Helicopters NZ from Mar11
    AS350B Ecureuil 1828 ZK-HNX : Helicopters NZ, canc Feb11
    : HNZ New Zealand Ltd Feb12; AS350BA type
    SA319B Alouette III 2273 1975ZK-HNY : Helicopters (NZ) Ltd Nov75-Sep78
    AW139 31103 2007ZK-HNZ : Helicopters NZ
    AW139 31146 2008ZK-HUL : Helicopters NZ Nov/Dec 2008
    AS350B Ecureuil 2132 ZK-HVU : HNZ New Zealand from Sep13
    AB139 31044 ZK-IHJ : HNZ, lsd Oct13-?
    AW139 31118 ZK-IHK : HNZ New Zealand from Sep13-2014; noted Sep14
    AW139 31146 2008ZK-IHP : HNZ New Zealand Jul14-Jul16 Jul16 still
    : HNZ New Zealand Ltd from Jan19
    : pictured (pic2) during new copilot training program

    17 Construction Numbers in this organisation found

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