poland Polish Lotnicze Pogotowie Ratunkowe

LPR - Polish medical air services

  • Polish Lotnicze Pogotowie Ratunkowe Polish medical air services
  • poland medical air services

Established in 2000, the Polish Medical Air Rescue heirs to the traditions of the Polish pre- and postwar medical aviation. As of 2015 operates helicopters from 17 bases


Four Medical H135 P3 to LPR in Poland, 04-Jan-16 : Poland’s public air medical rescue operator LPR (SP ZOZ Lotnicze Pogotowie Ratunkowe) received four new H135/EC135P3 for Emergency Medical Services (HEMS) operations. LPR now has 27 EC135/H135

Last of 23 EC135 delivered to Poland s LPR, 20-Dec-10 : Warsaw, Poland, Poland’s public air medical rescue operator LPR (Lotnicze Pogotowie Ratunkowe) has received its final two EC135 helicopters from the 23 acquired by the Polish Ministry of Health, which are being used to modernize the country’s nationwide emergency medical services (EMS) network.

First Poland Health Ministry EC135 Delivered, 10-Sep-09 : Poland Ministry of Health Air Rescue service received first of 23 EC135P2+ helicopters

Model Types

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  AH ec1352015
  EC ec135 232009
  Agusta A109e Power120052009

List of Aircraft

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H135 / EC135P3 1206 2015SP-DXA : LPR Jan16, test serial D-HCBA
H135 / EC135P3 1207 2015SP-DXB : LPR Jan16, test serial D-HECY
H135 / EC135P3 1208 2015SP-DXC : LPR Jan16, test serial D-HECZ
H135 / EC135P3 1209 2015SP-DXD : LPR Jan16, test serial D-HECQ
EC135P2+ 0815 SP-HXB : LPR, test serial D-HCBQ
EC135P2+ 0840 2009SP-HXC : LPR, test serial D-HCBY
EC135P2+ 0842 2009SP-HXD : LPR, test serial D-HCBR
EC135P2+ 0855 SP-HXE : LPR, test serial D-HECJ
EC135P2+ 0861 SP-HXF : LPR, test serial D-HCBE
EC135P2+ 0865 SP-HXG : LPR, test serial D-HCBH
EC135P2+ 0889 SP-HXH : LPR, test serial D-HECW
EC135P2+ 0892 SP-HXI : LPR, test serial D-HECL
EC135P2+ 0894 SP-HXK : LPR, test serial D-HCBK
EC135P2+ 0898 SP-HXL : LPR, test serial D-HCBG
EC135P2+ 0903 SP-HXM : LPR, test serial D-HCBI
EC135P2+ 0907 SP-HXN : LPR, test serial D-HCBF
EC135P2+ 0918 2010SP-HXO : LPR, test serial D-HCBJ
EC135P2+ 0921 2010SP-HXP : LPR, test serial D-HECV
EC135P2+ 0925 SP-HXR : LPR, test serial D-HECP
: 26jan17 damage by snowmobile at Pulawy near Krosno before victim ...
EC135P2+ 0929 SP-HXS : LPR, test serial D-HECF
EC135P2+ 0932 SP-HXT : LPR
EC135P2+ 0936 SP-HXU : LPR, test serial D-HECV
EC135P2+ 0939 SP-HXV : LPR, test serial D-HECP
EC135P2+ 0943 SP-HXW : LPR
EC135P2+ 0947 SP-HXX : LPR
EC135P2+ 0951 2010SP-HXY : LPR
EC135P2+ 0953 2010SP-HXZ : LPR

27 Construction Numbers in this organisation found

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