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Established 1955. From 1957 becomes approved customer service facility for Bell Helicopter Textron and Agusta and since then provides regular maintenance services from German armed forces helicopters. In 1967 moves from Koblenz to Baden-Baden. In 1976 becames authorized customer service facility for MBB , in 1984 for Aerospatiale and in 1995 for Eurocopter. In 1998 moves to the Baden–Airpark, Rheinmünster. In 2003 establishes a subsidiary at the airport Schönhagen, close to Berlin. In 2008 becames part of Eurocopter Germany. From 2012 offering maintenance of fixed wing aircrafts also at its location in Schönhagen and has extended its FAA certification also to this site.

From March 2017 provides basic initial flight training with Bell 206 to Bundeswehr IHAZ

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407 53605 2004D-HEAB : Egle Air Service GmbH (EAS) / Motorflug GmbH at Baden-Airpark 200 ...
Cabri G2 1007 D-HETA : from 08Apr10; w/o 19Apr10
: Operated by Motorflug Baden-Baden on behalf of Eurocopter

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