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New Mission Computer Fielded with UH-1Y and AH-1Z, 02-Nov-17 : US Marine Corps UH-1Y and AH-1Z helicopters are the first to be fitted with Northrop Grumman’s Tech Refresh Mission Computer (TRMC) which features multi-core processing

HSC-23 Makes History with MQ-8B Drones, 15-Aug-17 : US Navy’s HSC-23 trained handed off two autonomous, radar-equipped MQ-8B Fire Scout helicopters between multiple ground stations, a program first.

Northrop Grumman at ANTX 2017, 14-Aug-17 : Northrop Grumman demonstrated advanced autonomous technologies during Advanced Naval Technology Exercise, ANTX 2017, at Naval Surface Warfare Center (NSWC) in Panama City, Florida, August 14-18.

Northrop Grumman Recognized Summit Aviation, 23-Feb-17 : Summit Aviation received a Northrop Grumman’s 2016 Enterprise Supplier Recognition award for Customer Relationship. Since 2012 provides manufacturing and assembly support for multiple programs

UH-60V Black Hawk First Flight, 19-Jan-17 : After a 2 years development US Army Redstone Arsenal achieves first flight of the UH-60V prototype. It is a UH-60L upgraded with the Northrop Grumman/Curtiss-Wright glass cockpit of the UH-60M

Bell Relocates Assembly of 505, 525 and Fire Scout, 19-May-16 : Bell Helicopter announces plans to relocate several programs in order to optimize manufacturing capabilities across multiple facilities including the 505 final assembly to Canada

21-Mar-16 - Australian Defence Force Exercise Jericho Dawn
21-Mar-16 - DARPA Awarded Next Gen US Navy UAV Demonstrator
23-Mar-15 - Northrop Grumman at AAAA Meeting 2015
18-Mar-15 - Wind River Cockpit Digitization Program for UH-60V
10-Mar-15 - Airborne Mine Counter Measures MCH-101 to JMSDF
16-Feb-15 - Northrop Grumman at IDEX 2015 IDEX 2015
04-Feb-15 - Thales Software for UH-60V Black Hawk Cockpit
02-Feb-15 - More MH-60S Airborne Laser Mine Detection Systems
28-Oct-14 - Curtiss-Wright Computers for UH-60V Black Hawk
15-Aug-14 - Northrop Grumman to Modernize UH-60L Cockpit
07-Jan-04 - Sikorsky Forms All-American VH-92 Team for Presidential Helicopter Competition
24-Aug-99 - Northrop Grumman Flight Tests of DIRCM

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