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    Swiss Rotex Orders its Fifth K-MAX, 09-Sep-19 : #HeavyLift Rotex Helicopter AG will receive a new K-MAX by end this year. It is the 12th aircraft ordered since Kaman relaunched the production in 2015. Rotex has flown over 45,000 flight hours with the K-MAX since 1997

    Kaman Resumes K-MAX Production, 05-Jun-15 : Kaman announced that its Aerosystems division has resumed production of commercial K-MAX heavy-lift utility helicopters. Manufactured at Jacksonville, FL and Bloomfield, CT expect deliveries from 2017

    Model Types

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      Kaman K-MAX1997

    List of Aircraft

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    K-MAX A94-0008 1994HB-XQA : Rotex Helicopter AG from 07Apr97; w/o 11oct04 crashed at Grandv ...
    K-MAX A94-0026 2000HB-ZGK : Rotex Helicopter from Feb05, repl HB-XQA
    : pictured at Southend Airport, London, UK
    K-MAX A94-0021 1997HB-ZIH : Rotex Helicopter AG Feb07-Dec19
    : pictured (pic1) at Balzers
    K-MAX A94-0041 2017HB-ZTW : Rotex Helicopter AG from Sep17
    : Overflying Derbyshire, UK
    K-MAX A94-0050 2019HB-ZVM : Rotex Helicopter AG from Dec19
    : w/o doing sling load operations hit a van between Täsch and Zerm ...

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