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  • usa TriState CareFlight

    Air Medical Services

    List of Aircraft

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    A119 Koala 14021 2001N103CF : TriState CareFlight Jun03, ex N22UW; 18 pictured at Phoenix Deer ...
    A119 Koala 14022 2001N119AH : TriState Careflight Oct02, ex N911SL; 22oct09 sustained substanti ...
    A119 Koala 14054 2005N202CF : TriState Careflight Sep08, ex N911AM
    A119 Koala 14032 2003N203CF : TriState Careflight Dec03, ex N18YC
    AW119Ke Koala 14726 2009N205CF : TriState CareFlight from Mar09
    A119 Koala 14006 2000N207CF : TriState Careflight 2006 as N119AM, reser Oct08; pictured
    AW109E Power 11504 2001N209CF : TriState Care Flight Jun09-May17; Sunrise Children Hospital, pict ...
    A119 Koala 14010 2000N303CF : TriState CareFlight Dec09, Arizona, ex N5LF
    : pictured (pic2) at Phoenix Deer Valley, AZ
    AW109E Power 11503 2001N309CF : Tri State Care Flight at Bullhead City, AZ from Oct11
    AS350B2 Ecureuil 4159 2007N350CF : TriState CareFlight 2008-2018 N391AM ntu
    AS350B3 Ecureuil 4526 2008N354CF : Tristate Careflight at Bullhead City, AZ from Oct09
    AS350B3 Ecureuil 4644 2009N355CF : Tristate CareFlight Apr10-Jul16
    A109E Power 11102 2001N365AA : Artic Air Service at Warrenton, OR 2003-Sep14, test serial N1VN
    : TriState Careflight from Oct14
    A119 Koala 14009 2000N403CF : TriState Careflight from Jul04; w/o 30jun05 crashed at Marcos, C ...
    A119 Koala 14041 2004N41RX : TriState CareFlight at Bullhead City, AZ Nov04-Sep05
    AW109E Power 11506 N503CF : Tristate Careflight Llc at Bullhead City, AZ Dec04-Jul17
    A109E Power 11067 2000N507CF : TriState Care Flight from Sep12; w/o 17jul14 near Newkirk, New M ...
    A109E Power 11103 2001N508CF : Tristate Carflight Llc at Greenwood Village, CO from aug12; Feb19 ...
    A109E Power 11061 1999N509CF : Tristate Careflight from Jan14
    A119 Koala 14041 2004N603CF : TriState Careflight from Sep05
    : tail rotor struck fence at Chiriaco Summit Airport
    A119 Koala 14011 2001N604CF : Tristate CareFlight Llc at Bullhead City, AZ from Dec11
    A119 Koala 14058 2006N605CF : TriState CareFlight at Bullhead City, AZ from Nov13
    A119 Koala 14027 2003N608CF : Tristate Careflight at Bullhead City, AZ Apr13-May16
    A119 Koala 14018 2001N609CF : TriState CareFlight from Aug13
    AW109E Power 11504 2001N658AM : Tristate Careflight from May17
    AW109E Power 11506 N659AM : Tristate Careflight Llc at Englewood. CO from Jul17
    A109E Power 11088 2000N7UC : CEF 2002 Aircraft Llc at Danbury, CT, test serial N109AL
    : Trevor Corp at Grayslake, IL Jun/Aug 2007
    : Suntrust Leasing Corp at Towson, MD Aug07-Feb12
    : Tristate Care Flight at Bullhead City, AZ from Feb12; Tristate Ca ...
    AW119 Koala 14538 2007N803CF : Tri-state Care Flight at Bullhead City, AZ from Jan08

    25 Construction Numbers in this organisation found

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