norway MidtNorsk Helikopterservice

Model Types

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Aerospatiale AS350B Ecureuil
Robinson R44 Astro
Robinson R44 Raven II
Sikorsky S-61N Mk.II

List of Aircraft

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R44 Raven II 11239 LN-OAL :
R44 Raven II 10063 LN-OBO :
R44 Astro 0024 1993LN-OCV : MidtNorsk Helikopterservice
: w/o 27jan10 fatal crash near Horten, Norway
S-61N Mk.II 61-757 1976LN-OQH : S-61N-60 d/d Helikopter Services 27oct76
S-61N Mk.II 61-808 1978LN-OQN : Sikorsky S-61N-77, c/n 61-808, ff:?; del Helikopter Services as L ...
S-61N Mk.II 61-814 1978LN-OQQ : Sikorsky S-61N-77, c/n 61-814, ff:?; del Helikopter Services as L ...
S-61N Mk.II 61-760 1977LN-OQS : Sikorsky S-61N-64, c/n 61-760, ff:?; del Helikopter Services as L ...
AS350B Ecureuil 1056 1978LN-ORK : MidtNorsk Helikopterservice, noted 2009
S-61N Mk.II 61-738 1974
LN-OST : MidtNorsk Helikopterservice from 07feb75, S-61N-46 type

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