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Formed in 1915, Fairey Aviation produced some iconic fixed wing aircraft of the 20th century including the Fairey III, Swordfish, Battle, Fulmar, Firefly and the Gannet. Building initially at its North Hyde Road works in Hayes, it opened a factory in Stockport in 1935 to satisfy the larger orders it was receiving in the build up of British forces prior to WWII. The Hayes site was never really satisfactory in that it did not have its own airfield, the aircraft making the journey by road, in the early days to RAF Northolt, then Heston and in its latter years to White Waltham for flight testing.

Its helicopter arm was bought by Westland, in the great UK aeronautical manufacturing shake up of 1960, although Fairey did retain some of its weapons and engineering activities independently, thereafter.

Model Types

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  Fairey Rotodyne119571962
  Fairey Jet Gyrodyne119541957
  Fairey Ultralight619541959
  Fairey Gyrodyne219471949

List of Aircraft

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C.30 737 1934G-ACXW : Built as C.30A 1934 by A V Roe. Reg G-ACXW Sep 1934
: to G-ACXW (Fairey, Hayes) May 1946, canx Jul 1947.
C.30 708 1934G-AHMI : to G-AHMI (Fairey, Hayes) May 1946; Reg cancelled Feb 1950; Pres ...
Gyrodyne f.8465 1947G-AIKF : ff untethered 7 Dec 1947 as G-AIKF. Allocated military serial VX5 ...
Gyrodyne f.9420 1947G-AJJP : 2nd prototype Gyrodyne airframe. Grounded when 1st airframe (G-AI ...
Ultralight f.9426 1956G-AOUK : reg cancelled Jun 1964; reported in store in Essex UK, by
Ultralight f.9428 1957G-APJJ : Trials with Royal Navy 1958, abandoned; To RAE Bedford.
Ultralight f.9427 1957unknown : First of two extra airframes, retained for ground resonance trial ...
Rotodyne f.9429 1957XE521 : built at Hayes, ff 6 Nov 1957. Project abandoned Feb 1962.
: departed London Heathrow for Brussels Heliport, to collect Sabena ...
Gyrodyne f.9420 1947XJ389 : Following signifcant design effort and manufacturing re-work afte ...
Ultralight f.9423 1955XJ924 : Initial prototype, ff 14 Aug 1955. Shown at Farnborough Air Show ...
Ultralight f.9424 1955XJ928 : 2nd prototype, ff 20 Mar 1956, to G-AOUJ Aug 1956. Trials from de ...
Ultralight f.9425 1956XJ930 : 3rd prototype
Ultralight f.9426 1956XJ936 : ff 24 Aug 1956; to G-AOUK, in attendance at Paris Air Show May 19 ...

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