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Briles Wing and Helicopter is an executive aero-taxi outfit headquartered at Van Nuys Airport, CA. They operate both fixed and rotary wing aircraft.

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Bell 206A
Sikorsky H-34A Choctaw
Sikorsky H-34G III
Sikorsky H-34G.I
Sikorsky S-62A

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S-62A 62-081 1966N10060 : Sikorsky S-62A c/n 62-081, ff ~1966; del Anchorage Helicopters as ...
H-34A Choctaw 0378 1956N1153U : Briles Wing & helicopter from 13Aug73, lsd; missing in Ecuador, 1 ...
206A 523 1970N14600 : xfer Briles Wing & Helicopter, Inc as N14600, 01Oct74; reg canx 2 ...
S-62A 62-027 1962N316Y : sold Briles Wing & Helicopter as N316Y, unk; lsd to AMOCO Petrole ...
S-62A 62-012 1960N324Y : xfer Briles Wing & Helicopter as N324Y unk; w/o USA unk.
H-34G.I 0727 1957N33602 : xfer Briles Wing and Helicopter, unk; xfer Catalina Airlines, 197 ...
H-34G III 1552 1962N4389S : xfer Briles Wing & Helicopter as N4389S, 05Apr73; leased to Catal ...
206A 544 1970N48351 : xfer Briles Wing & Helicopter as N48351, 20Feb75; reg canx 25Sep8 ...
S-62A 62-079 1965N54516 : sold Briles Wings & Helicopter as N54516, 1977; lsd Catalina Airl ...
S-62A 62-058 1964N665Y : sold to Briles Wing & Rotor, 1964; suffered substantial damage we ...

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