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vermont flight aviation

List of Units

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Rotary Wing Aircraft UnitCreatedDisband
    Mansfield HeliflightMHI? --

List of Aircraft

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EC135T1 0021 1997N153MH : Mansfield Heliflight at Milton, VT
407 53154 1997N175PA : Mansfield Heliflight at Milton, VT from Jul13
230 23019 1994N4UV : Mansfield Heliflight Oct05-Apr07
412SP 33199 N4UV : Mansfield Heliflight, to be confirmed; to N14UV
AW119 Koala 14507 2006N671MH : Mansfield Heliflight from Jan10
369D / 500D 0739D N782MH : Mansfield Heliflight Inc at Milton, VT Nov15-May16
BK117A-4 1023 N80927 : Mansfield Heliflight Inc at South Burlington, VT Mar95-Sep12; fa ...

7 Construction Numbers in this organisation found

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