france 1 Regiment D'Helicopteres de Combat

Aviation Légère de l'Armée de Terre

1 RHC : 1 combat helicopters regiment
French Army Light Aviation

1977 to present    


4 EHM from 1 July 2001 flying with SA330B. Until sep2009 they flew with code range CZL-CZZ.
1 EHAP from 1993 flying with Gazelle (serveral types). Until sep2009 flew with code range CWA-CWJ.
The unit deployed 4 Puma to Mandelieu, to support possible extraction of delegates from the Nov 2011 G20 summit.

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News of 1 Regiment D'Helicopteres de Combat

Two French Army NH90 Arrived at Mali, 06-Nov-14 : Two French Army (ALAT) NH90 Caiman from the 1st Regiment of Combat Helicopters (1 RHC) arrived in Gao, Mali for Operation Barkhane on November 3rd, 2014


2011Cannes MandelieuLFMD
1977/    Phalsbourg / Camp de la HorieLFQP


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2013/    NH90 TTH
1977/    Gazelle
1977/    SA330 Puma


01-aug-14ML Operation Barkhane
14-jul-1414-jul-14 Quatorze Juillet 2014
02-nov-1105-nov-11 6th G20 Summit
14-jul-0914-jul-09 Quatorze Juillet 2009