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Formed at RAF Stradishall on 1 March 1941 as 1419 (Special Duties) Flight by renumbering 419 (Special Duties) Flight, which itself had been created in August 1940 as a covert support unit. The task of supporting Churchills directive to set Europe ablaze grew too large for a single flight. The strategic importance of sabotage operations on mainland Europe justified the formation of a full squadron. On 25 August 1941, 138 (Special Duties) Squadron re-formed at Newmarket from the nucleus of 1419 Flight to do the job.
1419 (Tactical Support) Flight reformed in 2005 from a section of 28(AC) Squadron and moved to Basrah Air Base with the Merlin HC.3 to relieve the Chinooks of 1310 Flight on 10 Mar. Its role in Iraqs southern area of operations includes assault, fire support, troop moves, airborne command post, reconnaissance and surveillance, convoy protection and Casevac duties for the Multi National Division (South East) and it is also trialling new, extended range fuel tanks. 1419 Flight is part of the UK Joint Helicopter Command commitment to Joint Helicopter Force (Iraq) - JHF(I). It disbanded in May 2013.

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Royal Air Force Merlin Operations in Iraq

Royal Air Force Merlin Operations in Iraq

14-Jun-05 - On March 19th 2005, No 1419 Flight, 28 (Army Co-operation) Squadron operating four Royal Air Force AgustaWestland EH101 Merlin HC Mk3 helicopters, declared Full Operational Capability (FOC). As part of the UK's Joint Helicopter Force (Iraq) supporting the UK led Multi National Division (South East), they continue to support the stabilisation and peace process within Iraq.


2009/13AF Camp Bastion OAZI
2005/09IQ Basrah International AirportORMM

helicopter   Models

Years Models
2005/14 Merlin HC.3

1419 Flt List of helicopters

C/N VersionBuiltIn this Org In other Org
50113 hc.3 2000 ZJ122 : 1419 Flt /F, in Iraq Jun 2009
Royal Navy ZJ122
50137 hc.3 2000 ZJ125 : 1419 Flt /J, in Iraq Jun 2009
Royal Navy ZJ125
50149 hc.3 2001 ZJ127 L : noted at Holbeach Range
AgustaWestland UK ZJ127
Royal Navy ZJ127
50169 hc.3 2001 ZJ130 : 28/78 Sq/O by Oct 2009. Part of 1st detachment of RAF Merlin to Afghanista+
Royal Navy ZJ130
50173 hc.3 2001 ZJ131 : 1419 Flt /P by Jun 2009; returned to UK to MDMF Culdrose 1 Jul 2009
Royal Navy ZJ131
50183 hc.3 2001 ZJ134 : 1419 Flt /S, in Iraq Jun 2009; MDMF Culdrose on 9 Jul 2009
Royal Navy ZJ134
50199 w/o 2010 hc.3 2002 ZJ138 X : deployed, in Iraq.
X : RAF HC.3 d/d 22nov02; w/o heavy landing at Camp Bastion, Afghanistan; +

  1419 Flight Operations

Dates Operation
2009-oct2013-may AF Operation Herrick
2005-mar-102009-mar IQ Operation Telic

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