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  • indonesia Skwadron Udara 8

    tentara nasional indonesia angkatan udara

    Squadron 8
    indonesian national defence - air force



    Flying Elephant

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    2015/    H225M
    SA330 Puma
    AS332 Super Puma

    Construction Numbers (Not all in this unit)

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    C/NVersionBuiltIn this OrgIn other Org
    2178 as332L H-3201: TNI-AU
    Indonesian Aerospace PK-XSR: IPTN
    2185 as332L H-3202: TNI-AU
    Indonesian Aerospace PK-XSS: IPTN; to TNI-AU
    1493 sa330j H-3301: TNI-AU
    1505 sa330j H-3302: TNI-AU
    1529 sa330j H-3303: TNI-AU 8Sku; w/o 29dec89
    1565 sa330j H-3304: TNI-AU
    1569 sa330j H-3305: TNI-AU
    1579 sa330l H-3306: TNI-AU
    1593 sa330j H-3307: TNI-AU
    1597 sa330j H-3308: TNI-AU; w/o 29dec89
    1606 sa330j H-3309: TNI-AU
    1609 sa330j H-3310: TNI-AU
    1612 sa330j H-3311: TNI-AU; w/o 04jun96
    1666 sa330j H-3312: PT Nurtanio, Indonesia; TNI-AU
    1669 sa330j H-3313: PT Nurtanio, Indonesia; TNI-AU
    1672 sa330j H-3314: PT Nurtanio, Indonesia; TNI-AU
    1673 sa330j H-3315: PT Nurtanio, Indonesia; TNI-AU
    1674 sa330j H-3316: PT Nurtanio, Indonesia; TNI-AU
    1675 sa330j H-3317: PT Nurtanio, Indonesia; TNI-AU
    1676 sa330j H-3318: PT Nurtanio, Indonesia; TNI-AU
    1597 sa330j HT-3308: TNI-AU; ex H-3308 rebuilt
    2912 h225m HT-7201: TNI-AU IPT001 Feb15, ex HX-7216
    h225m HT-7202: TNI-AU IPT002 2015, ex HX-7217
    2960 h225m HT-7203: TNI-AU IPT003 Apr15, ex HX-?
    2962 h225m HT-7204: TNI-AU IPT004 Apr15
    Airbus Helicopters France F-ZWDD: Airbus France, for Indonesia
    2964 h225m HT-7205: TNI-AU IPT005 Apr15
    Airbus Helicopters France F-ZWDF: Airbus France, for Indonesia
    2966 h225m HT-7206: TNI-AU IPT006 Apr15
    Airbus Helicopters France F-ZWDJ: Airbus France, for Indonesia
    26 C/N found in this Organisation.