Aerospatiale SA330 Puma

SA330L Puma

Military version of the SA 330J Puma, both based on the SA 330H. Main rotors of glass fibre and carbon fibre composite materials with a stainless steel leading edge covering over a honeycomb structure filler. Powered by twin Turboméca Turmo IVC engines, with an empty weight of 3615kg. All weather operation equipment includes thermal de-icing of main and tail rotors, lengthened and filtered twin air intakes which are also de-iced and a weather radar. Primary fuel tanks have self sealing underside walls and provision for 4 additional tanks within the cabin plus external points for 2 tanks. A removable panel beneath the main cabin rear serves as an emergency exit, whilst also allowing longer loads to be carried.

  List of Operators of SA330L Puma

Years Model Org
1969-    SA330 Puma france Aviation Légère de l'Armée de Terre
1969/97 SA330 Puma south africa Suid-Afrikaanse Lugmag
1971-    SA330 Puma cameroon Armee de l'Air du Cameroun
1971/?? SA330 Puma congo, dr force aerienne du congo
1971/12 SA330 Puma united kingdom Royal Air Force
1972-    SA330 Puma chile Ejercito de Chile
1972-    SA330 Puma gabon Force Aérienne Gabonaise
1973/98 belgium Federale Politie / Police Fédérale
1973/17 SA330 Puma spain Ejercito del Aire
1974-    SA330 Puma france Armée de l'Air
1975-    SA330 Puma romania Fortele Aeriene Romane
1976/?? SA330 Puma indonesia tentara nasional indonesia angkatan udara
1978/96 argentina Aviacion de Ejercito Argentino
1980/15 argentina Prefectura Naval Argentina
1980-    SA330 Puma ecuador Ejercito Ecuatoriano
1981/97 SA330 Puma brazil Força Aérea Brasileira
1981/83 ireland Aer Chór na hÉireann
1983/86 united kingdom British European Airways
1988/?? SA330 Puma turkey Polis Havacilik Daire Baskanligi
1999-    SA330 Puma south africa Starlite Helicopters
2015-    pakistan Pakistan Army Aviation
2023-    SA330 Puma united kingdom Johnny Vegas Glamping

SA330 Puma United Nations
SA330 Puma lebanon Al Quwwat al-Jawwiya al-Lubnaniyya
SA330 Puma philippines Philippine Air Force

  Global Distribution of SA330L Puma


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