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  • argentina Aviacion de Ejercito Argentino

    EA - Argentine Army Aviation

    • Aviacion de Ejercito Argentino Argentine Army Aviation
    • Aviacion de Ejercito Argentino Argentine Army Aviation

    Aviacion de Ejercito Argentino
    The Escuela de Aviacion Militar ( Military Aviation School ) was created at El Palomar in 1912. Air power saw a great expansion in the 1912-45 period when a decision was made to create the Argentine Air Force as a separate branch of the armed forces with the Army given all of its aircraft and installations. It was only in 1956 when Army Aviation was re-established.

    Units numbered 6nn are based at Campo de Mayo and assigned to Army level. Units numbers 121,141 and 181 are assigned to II, III and V Corps (renamed Divisions in 2011) respectively. Units 2 to 12 are assigned to their respectives Brigades except the 4th Paratroopers and 10th Mechanized which do not have aviation units permanently attached.

    There are other units which are not listed here as do not have helicopters assigned:
  • Batallon de Abastecimiento y Mantenimiento de Aeronaves 601 ( BAbMantAeron601 ) perform maintenance and repairs
  • Escuadron de Aviacion de Apoyo de Inteligencia 601 ( EscAvAIcia601 ) flying OV-1 Mohawks
  • Escuadron de Aviación de Apoyo General 603 ( EscAvAG603 ) fixed wing aircraft transports

    Traditionally called CAE, the whole command was renamed Direccion de Aviacion de Ejercito in 2011

  • List of Units

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    Rotary Wing Aircraft UnitCreatedDisband
        Escuela de Aviacion de Ejercito - Army Aviation School EcAvEj1912 --
        Batallon de Helicopteros de Asalto 601 - Assault Helicopters Battalion 601 BHelicAsal6011956 --
        Escuadron de Aviacion de Exploracion y Ataque 602 - Attack/Recon Aviation Sqd 602 EscAvExplAtq6021979 --
        Seccion Aviacion de Ejercito 2 - 2nd Army Aviation Section SecAvEj21998 ??
        Seccion Aviacion de Ejercito 3 - 3rd Army Aviation Section SecAvEj31970 --
        Seccion Aviacion de Ejercito de Montaña 5 - 5th Army Aviation Section - Mountain SecAvEjM52011 --
        Seccion Aviacion de Ejercito de Montaña 6 - 6th Army Aviation Section - Mountain SecAvEjM61986 --
        Seccion Aviacion de Ejercito de Montaña 8 - 8th Army Aviation Section - Mountain SecAvEjM81970 --
        Seccion Aviacion de Ejercito 9 - 9th Army Aviation Section SecAvEj91985 --
        Seccion Aviacion de Ejercito 11 - 11th Army Aviation Section SecAvEj111984 --
        Seccion Aviacion de Ejercito de Monte 12 - 12th Army Aviation Section - Jungle SecAvEjMte121994 --
        Seccion Aviacion de Ejercito 121 - 121st Army Aviation Section SecAvEj1212005 --
        Seccion Aviacion de Ejercito 141 - 141st Army Aviation Section SecAvEj1411970 --
        Seccion Aviacion de Ejercito 181 - 181st Army Aviation Section SecAvEj181? --

    Model Types

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      Agusta AB2062018
      Bell 206B-3 Jet Ranger52011
      SNIA AS332B Super Puma31986
      Hiller 360 819802013
      B-V CH-47C Chinook219791982
      Agusta A109a919792011
      SNIA SA330L Puma919781996
      Bell 21221976
      SNIA SA315B Lama 61975
      Bell 205 751970
      F-H FH-1100919681979
      Bell 47719651983

    Bases and Locations

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    Base / HeliportUnits on this Location
       Campo de MayoEscAvExplAtq602 1979/   
    BHelicAsal601 1956/   
       Comandante EsporaSecAvEj181
       Comodoro RivadaviaSecAvEj9 1985/   
       Curuzú CuatiáSecAvEj3 2015/   
       El Plumerillo / MendozaSecAvEjM8 1970/   
       Escuela de Aviacion MilitarSecAvEj141 1970/   
       General Urquiza, ParanaSecAvEj2 1998/   
       Martin Miguel de GuemesSecAvEjM5 2011/   
       PosadasSecAvEjMte12 1994/   
       Presidente Peron, NeuquenSecAvEjM6
       Rio GallegosSecAvEj11 1984/   

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