greece 358 MED

Polemiki Aeroporia

358 Search and Rescue Squadron
Hellenic Air Force


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2003A109E Power

Construction Numbers (Not all in this unit)

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C/NVersionBuiltIn this OrgIn other Org
11059 a109e 11059: Hellenic Air Force; ex EKAB
National Centre for Emergency Care SX-HDQ: EKAB; to air force
11063 a109e 11063: Hellenic Air Force; ex EKAB; 07nov09 pictured at Elefsina airbase (LGEL) d+
National Centre for Emergency Care SX-HDS: EKAB; to air force
11070 a109e 11070: Hellenic Air Force; ex EKAB; 06nov10 pictured at Elefsina airbase (LGEL) d+
National Centre for Emergency Care SX-HDU: EKAB; to air force
30763 212 30-763: HAF; VIP type 358 MED
30765 212 30-765: HAF; ex N49638; 06nov10 pictured with 358MED VIP type at Elefsis airbase (+
31190 212 31-190: HAF; VIP type 358 MED
31196 212 31-196: HAF, VIP type; Jul07 pictured with 112PM, 358MED at Elefsis
4312 ab205a 4312: 358 MED. ex ES640
Hellenic Army Aviation ES640: xfer air force
4373 ab205a 1976 4373: Hellenic Air Force; ex Army ES644; 358 MED
Hellenic Army Aviation ES644: Hellenic Army d/d 17mar76 pictured with ES645 in original cammo at Giovanni Agusta factory prior fer...
4391 ab205a 4391: 358 MED. ex ES647
Hellenic Army Aviation ES647: xfer air force
4396 ab205a 4396: 358 MED
4397 ab205a 4397: HAF; Nov88 pictured at Tatoi during air force Open Days
4398 ab205a 4398: 358 MED
4399 ab205a 4399: 358 MED, Nov83
4400 ab205a 4400: 358 MED
4414 ab205a 4414: HAF; 07nov09 pictured with 358MED at Elefsis airbase (LGEL)
4440 ab205a 4440: 358 MED. ex ES656. w/o 10may89
Hellenic Army Aviation ES656: xfer air force
4445 ab205a 4445: HAF; ex army ES661; 14sep08 pictured with 358MED at Tanagra (LGTG) airbase+
Hellenic Army Aviation ES661: HAA; to air force
4453 ab205a 4453: 358 MED. ex ES669
Hellenic Army Aviation ES669: xfer air force
4455 ab205a 4455: 358 MED. ex ES671
Hellenic Army Aviation ES671: xfer air force
4458 ab205a 4458: ex ES674. w/o 09oct95
Hellenic Army Aviation ES674: xfer air force
4506 ab205a-1 4506: 358 MED
4507 ab205a-1 4507: 358 MED w/o 01feb90
4508 ab205a-1 4508: 358 MED
4509 ab205a-1 4509: 358 MED
4510 ab205a-1 4510: 358 MED w/o 26jul87
4511 ab205a-1 4511: 358 MED
27 C/N found in this Organisation.

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