usa Helicopter Anti-Submarine Squadron Eleven

US Navy

HS-11 Dragonslayers
United States Naval Aviation

1957 to 2016    


Helicopter Anti-Submarine Squadron Eleven US Navy

Helicopter Anti-Submarine Squadron Eleven
Dragonslayers, HS-11 was the last deploying HS squadron. Redesignated HSC-11 in 2016

Two early C.O.s of HS-11 passed away on 2011: Glenn Dumas (the 2nd skipper 1958-59) and Bryce Clack (1960-61)
1957, Joined HS-11 when CDR Vincent Collins was skipper. Deployed mostly on USS Wasp North Atlantic and Med cruises. Flight/Navigation Officer with Guy Crowe,Dan Sekellic (designer of above patch), Hank Cardoza. Discharged 1959 and entered medical school University of Oregon. Served with reserve squadron Sand Point,WA (Seattle). Practiced in Portland,OR until 1996. Last rank LT USNR,plank owner ANA squadron Bend,Oregon.FAA medical examiner for past twelve years Would love to hear from contemporaries..
1957-1959, Blurb above is from Jerry Bass,MD...Anyone heard from Bruce Herbert HS 11 circa 1958? My email is Would like to hear from any contemporaries
Jan62-Oct64, I was in HS-11. We flew the HSS-1 and then the SH-3A. When the Wasp was in for overhaul, we deployed on the Lake Champlain. Our COs during my time were Cdrs. Taylor, Pepper and Fisk. ADR3 Dennis Frazier
May65, Ens Mike Louy: Reported aboard HS-11 at Quonset Pt. Only Ensign in squadron of 52 officers for first 6 mos. Served as asst. QC, 1st Lt, Drive Safe officer. Participated in Gemini 4, 7/6, 9, 11, and 12. Made HAC in '66. Flew 35 cross countries in two years, mostly with Ltjg Larry Hennesy. As the weekend duty HAC launched carrying marine biologists to look for white sperm whale off Cape Cod - no luck. On a returning cross country fuel stop at Andrews, carried a young boy, parents and doc to Central Park for chamber treatment. Bailed out of ASW for HA(L)-3 after 18 mos of trying. Flew over 1,000 in the SH-3A. Aboard USS WASP - sewage always leaked in assigned squadron crew heads. Aboard WASP in a hurricane that tore both catwalks back to amid ships, twisted the ship and wiped bearings on three of four shafts. Went to Puerto Rico for storm damage board assessment. Departed squadron May '67.
May80 I reported to this squadron. Skipper was Ed Montinger. Served until June 1983 under skippers: Montinger, Dick Catone, and Gary Skaar. CDR Jim Curtis was XO, when I departed. We deployed with CAG One aboard USS John F Kennedy and USS America. We flew then the SH-3H with TACNAV.

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News of Helicopter Anti-Submarine Squadron Eleven

US Navy refurbishing 2 SH-60F for Spanish Navy, 29-May-14 : JACKSONVILLE, Fla. (NNS) -- Fleet Readiness Center Southeast (FRCSE) hosted representatives from Naval Air Systems Command (NAVAIR) Program Manager Air (PMA) 299 and members of the Spanish navy for the annual SH-60B and SH-60F helicopter program management review (PMR) at the military depot May 13-15.


1973/16NAS JacksonvilleKNIP
1957/73Quonset StateKOQU


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1994/16s-70 H-60
1962/95s-61 H-3
1958/64s-58 H-34

List of aircraft

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List of Aircraft for HS-11
C/NVersionBuiltIn this OrgIn other Org
58-26 hss-1 1955 138481 : Sikorsky HSS-1, c/n 58-26, ff?; del US Navy as HSS-1 138481, 08Sep55; xfer+
Carson Helicopters N602X : sold Carson Helicopter as S-58, N602X, 23Jun75.
58-666 hss-1 1957 143922 : Sikorsky HSS-1, c/n 58-666, ff?; del USN as 143922, 11Oct57; xfer HS-11, H+
: Sep58 with HS-11 pictured dipping its AN/AQS-5 sonar
61-069 hss-2 148995 : w/o 12jan87 HS-11 /AB-612
61-104 hss-2 149691 : USN; SH-3A HS-11 w/o 26feb64
61-109 hss-2 149695 : US Navy; conv SH-3G; 1995 preserved Gate Guardian NAS Jacksonville as AR-+
61-128 hss-2 149711 : HS-11 /AB-613, noted aboard USS America at Spithead, between 25 and 28 Sep+
61-135 hss-2 149718 : HS-11 /AB-614, noted aboard USS America at Spithead, between 25 and 28 Sep+
Argentine Navy 0882 : ARA d/d oct08 as 2-H-241, UH-3H type; 04may11 pictured (bot) at Punta Ind+
61-148 hss-2 149730 : USN; conv SH-3H; HS-11 w/o 18aug83
: HS-11 /AB-611, noted aboard USS America at Spithead, between 25 and 28 Sep+
61-211 hss-2 149934 : USN; 1974? pictured (top) as HS-85 /NW-505 carrier wing CVSGR-80 asgn US+
: HS-11 /AB-612, noted aboard USS America at Spithead, between 25 and 28 Sep+
61-300 sh-3a 152107 : HS-11 /AB-615, noted aboard USS America at Spithead, between 25 and 28 Sep+
61-318 sh-3a 152124 : HS-11 /AB-610, noted aboard USS America at Spithead, between 25 and 28 Sep+
61-320 sh-3a 152126 : USN; HS-11 w/o 27jun69
61-346 sh-3d 152692 : USN; HS-11 w/o 04aug71
61-349 sh-3d 152694 : US Navy; 1990 type:SH-3H HS-11./AB-614
Canadian Armed Forces - : 2001 instructional airframe at Canadian Forces School of Aerospace Technol+
61-350 sh-3d 152695 : USN; HS-11 w/o 18mar78
61-387 sh-3d 154101 : 1990 SH-3H type as HS-11 /AB-612
61-388 sh-3d 154102 : US Navy; conv SH-3H; 1990 HS-11 /AB-611
: w/o 09oct91 HS-11
61-422 sh-3d 154122 : 1990 type:SH-3H HS-11./AB-613
Argentine Navy 0883 : ARA d/d jul09 as 2-H-242; 2008 UH-3H refurbished by Clayton internacional +
70-1674 hh-60h 163795 : 20jul07 pictured as AB-615/HS-11 on USS Enterprise (CVN-65) training a Ex+
: 27Jan11 embarked aboard USS Enterprise CVN-65. (port visit Lisboa, Portuga+
70-1589 sh-60f 164103 : US Navy; 1995 HS-1./AR-103; 27Jan11 embarked aboard USS Enterprise CVN-65.+
70-1804 sh-60f 164615 : US Navy; 27Jan11 embarked aboard USS Enterprise CVN-65. (port visit Lisboa+
70-1846 sh-60f 164800 : US Navy; 1995 embarked aboard USS America CV-66. HS-11./AB-610; 1997 embar+
: 2004 AB-610/HS-11 USS Enterprise (CVN-65) Orkney Islands
70-1847 sh-60f 164801 : US Navy; 1997 embarked aboard USS George Washington CVN-73. HS-11./AB-611;+
: 2011jan AB-611/HS-11 USS Enterprise (CVN-65) green/yellow double one tail +
70-2278 hh-60h 164844 : US Navy; 1995 as HS-11 /AB-614 USS America (CV-66)
70-2279 hh-60h 164845 : US Navy in 1995 deployed aboard USS America CV-66 HS-11 /AB-615; 1997 depl+
70-1953 hh-60h 165115 : USN; from SH-60F; 2011 AB-614/HS-11
: US Navy; 2009 embarked aboard USS Theodore Roosevelt CVN-71. HS-3./AJ-615;+
70-2284 hh-60h 165120 : 2010 HS-11 /AB-616 in Haiti (wrongly) reported as MH-60S
: 27jan11 embarked aboard USS Enterprise CVN-65. (port visit Lisboa, Portuga+
70-2289 hh-60h 165256 : Nov15 as HS-11 /AB-617
70-2291 hh-60h 165258 : USN; 1997 as HS-11 /AB-614 aboard USS George Washington (CVN-73)

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