australia 724 squadron

Fleet Air Arm (RAN)

1945 to 1984    

Formed at Bankstown (YSBK) in Apr 1945 as a Royal Navy communications unit, it ran fixed wing services between Sydney and Melbourne and Sydney and Nowra & Jervis Bay. After a move to Schofields in Mar 1946, it was disbanded on 31 May 1946.
When it reformed at RANAS Nowra on 1 Jun 1955 as a RAN Squadron, it became an operational training unit with a mix of propellor and jet fixed wing aircraft. 724 Squadron, H Flight was formed on 30 Oct 1956 by including 723 Squadron's six Sycamores into the complement, to support a Royal Tour.  In Feb 1957, the Sycamores returned to a re-formed 723 Squadron and when its Gannets left, it became an entirely jet fixed wing unit until 725 Squadron disbanded on 31 May 1961, when it inherited its mix of aircraft before it took on additional roles, including all weather anti-submarine training. It remained a training unit, adding various fixed wing types as front line uints were absorbed. In 1969 it was restyled VC-724. By 1972 it had become a weapons training and target towing unit, still at Nowra. On 30 Jun 1982 it handed over its Macchis to the RAAF and retired its last Skyhawk on 30 Jun 1984, when it disbanded.

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1956/57Type 171 Sycamore

Construction Numbers (Not all in this unit)

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C/NVersionBuiltIn this OrgIn other Org
13063 Sycamore 3 XA219: Built as Sycamore HR.50
13064 Sycamore 3 1952 XA220: Built as Sycamore HR.50
XA220: preserved at Fleet Air Arm Museum, Nowra in silver overall, as XA220/907, +
13065 Sycamore 3 XA221: Built as Sycamore HR.50
13071 Sycamore 4 1953 XD653: to Fleet Air Arm Museum, Nowra, in Navy colours as XD653/850. Still 1979, +
XD653: After RAN service, preserved in Nowra, New South Wales.
Royal Navy XD653: Built as HC.51 Allocated G-AMWJ (not used). Delivered to RN March 1954. To RAN October 1954.
13146 Sycamore 4 1953 XD654: Ditched alongside RN HMS Hermes while operating from HMAS Sydney near the +
Royal Navy XD654: Built as HR.51 at Filton. Delivered to RN 1954. To RAN October 1954.
13147 Sycamore 4 1953 XD655: RAN Oct 1954
Royal Navy XD655: Built as HR.51 at Filton. Delivered to RN Mar 1954. To RAN Oct 1954.
13148 Sycamore 4 1954 XD656: To RAN Oct 1954. Ditched off HMAS Melbourne and w/o, 4 Dec 1957.
Royal Navy XD656: Built as HR.51 at Filton. Delivered to RN Mar 1954. To RAN Oct 1954.
13504 Sycamore 4 1959 XN449: Built as Type 171 Mk4 Sycamore HR.51 at Weston-super-Mare. Del RAN Jun 195+
XN449: w/o 3 Sep 1962 near Nowra air base (HMAS Albatross).
13505 Sycamore 4 1958 XN450: built at Weston-super-Mare, UK as HR.51 ex G-18-178. Last Sycamore built. +
- XN450: to Business Aviation Bankstown Sep 1965. Preserved at Beck Collection (rotorless), Mareeba QLD in Ro...
- XN450: 1979 Camden Museum of Aviation, in RAN marks /848
13070 Sycamore 4 1952 XR592: converted to HR.51, sold to RAN May 1961 and XR592 alloc Jun 1961, UK; XR5+
- G-AMWI: Built Filton. Prototype Sycamore Mk.4 ff May 1953. (marked as XN635 - a Jet Provost serial). To Oldm...
- VH-BAW: VH-BAW stored, wfu 14/08/1972
- XR592: 1979 Camden Museum of Aviation, restored to RAN markings
- XR592: Still with the Thomas Collection (at Narellan), by 2008.
10 C/N found in this Organisation.

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