argentina 1ra Escuadrilla Aeronaval de Helicopteros

Comando de Aviacion Naval Argentina

EAH1 : 1st Naval Helicopter Squadron
Argentine Navy

1978 to present    

1ra Escuadrilla Aeronaval de Helicopteros

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1950/    Comandante EsporaSAZB


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1996/    AS555SN Fennec 2
1978/10Alouette III
1978/85Lynx mk23

Construction Numbers (Not all in this unit)

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C/NVersionBuiltIn this OrgIn other Org
1616 se3160 0641: accepted ARA 31oct69 as 4-H-21. Then 4-H-l and 2-H-l. Crash at sea from ai+
1623 se3160 0642: accepted ARA 31oct69 as 4-H-22; Then as 4-H-2, 2-H-2, 3-H-2 and 3-H-102+
1624 se3160 0643: accepted ARA 31oct69 as 4-H-23. Then 4-H-3, 2-H-3, 3-H-3 and 3-H-103. Cr+
1730 sa316b 0648: accepted ARA 28may70 as 4-H-4. Crash near Calderon (Bahia Blanca) 18sep70
1734 sa316b 0649: accepted ARA 28may70 as 4-H-5. Then 2-H-5 and 3-H-5. xfer oct78 to 1st Hel+
1766 sa316b 0650: accepted ARA 16sep70 as 4-H-6. crash with wires 21jan71
1767 sa316b 0651: accepted ARA 17sep70 as 4-H-7. Then 2-H-7 and 3-H-7. xfer oct78 to 1st Hel+
1847 sa316b 0680: accepted ARA 18nov71 as 4-H-8. 7jan73 near Pedro Luro (Buenos Aires) afte+
1851 sa316b 0681: accepted ARA 18nov71 as 4-H-9; Then 2-H-9 and 3-H-9; oct78 to 1st Heli Sqd+
0681: Sep 1990 to Apr 1991, 3-H-109 embarked aboard ARA Almirante Brown during i+
2250 sa316b 0699: accepted ARA 18jun75 as 2-H-10. Then 3-H-10. crash with wires early 1978. +
0699: pictured unknown source (most probably ARA) on an Antarctic base late 1970+
035 mk23 1977 0734: Lynx Mk23. UK westland as G-BFDT. ARA 3-H-41 then 3-H-141. Embargo after 1+
Royal Danish Navy S-035: ex Argentine Navy. RDN del. 1987 helicopter used as flight simulator, never flown by Danish Navy
036 mk23 1977 0735: Lynx Mk23. ARA 3-H-42 then 3-H-142; 02apr82 first argentine aircraft to la+
2345 sa316b 0736: ex F-WTNB accepted ARA 01jul78 as 3-H-11. xfer oct78 to 1st Heli Sqd as 3-+
2346 sa316b 0737: ex F-WTNJ accepted ARA 01jul78 as 3-H-12; oct78 to 1st Heli Sqd as 3-H-112+
0737: 1990/1991 3-H-112 served in first Gulf War operating from ARA Almirante Br+
0737: 1999 pictured (top) preserved at Museo de la Aviacion Naval Argentina ( M+
0737: 2010 pictured (middle) preserved front Navy Museum, Bahia Blanca; May12 pi+
2349 sa316b 0738: accepted ARA 30aug78 as 3-H-14. xfer oct78 to 1st Heli Sqd as 3-H-114
2350 sa316b 0739: accepted ARA 30aug78 as 3-H-15. xfer oct78 to 1st Heli Sqd as 3-H-115. Cra+
5556 as555sn 0863: accepted ARA jul96 as 3-H-301 then 3-H-131 after Hueys arrived. Six months+
0863: Mar17 pictured on ARA Almirante Brown (D10)
5585 as555sn 0864: ARA jul96; 3-H-302 then 3-H-132 after Hueys arrived; 2001 Hard landing and+
5587 as555sn 0865: accepted ARA jul96 as 3-H-303 then 3-H-133 after Hueys arrived
5589 as555sn 0866: accepted ARA jul96 as 3-H-304 then 3-H-134 after Hueys arrived. Six months+
20 C/N found in this Organisation.


oct-90mar-91IQ Operation Desert Shield/Storm

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