1954 to present

spain Escuadron 801

Ejercito del Aire

801 squadron
Spanish Air Force

Escuadron 801 Ejercito del Aire

Escuadron 801
Established 1954, is Palma de Mallorca SAR unit, part of Ala 49 in Balearic Islands. Flies the SA330 Puma (HD.19) along CN-235 (T.19/D.4) and C-212 (T.12) airplanes.

1954 - 50 Escuadrilla de Salvamento (50 SAR Flight) with SA-16A Albatross amphibious flying boats which will be used until 1978
1957 - 55 Escuadrilla (55 Flight) and moved to Son San Juan.
1955 - 55 Escuadron de Salvamento (55 SAR Squadron)
1965 - 801 Escuadron de Salvamento (801 SAR Squadron)
1979 - Received first CASA C-212 Aviocar.
2008 - Received first CASA CN-235 Vigma
2012 - Achieved 100,000 flight hours.
Escuadron 801 area of responsibility for Search & Rescue covers the Barcelona Flight Information Region (FIR), which is coordinated from the Baleares Rescue Coordination Centre (RCC) for eastern Spain, the Balearic Isles and surrounding Mediterranean Sea.

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  News about Escuadron 801

Super Puma Loaded into Spanish A400M

Super Puma Loaded into Spanish A400M

11-May-21 - For the first time, a Spanish Air Force Super Puma helicopter was loaded into an Airbus A400M cargo aircraft #A400M


1954-    Son San JuanLESJ

helicopter   Models

Years Models
2019-    H215 / AS332C1e / AS332L1e
2017-    AS332 Super Puma
1994/17 SA330 Puma
1983/94 AS332 Super Puma
1967/83 AB205

  Escuadron 801 Operations

Dates Operation
2010-may-172010-may-21 BE SAR meet 2010

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