usa Marine Medium Helicopter Training Squadron 204

US Marine Corps

HMT-204 :

1972 to 1999    


Marine Medium Helicopter Training Squadron 204
HMT-204 was a composite training squadron tasked with training both CH-46 and CH-53 pilots. In 1988 HMT-302 assumed responsibility for CH-53 training so their aircraft departed HMT-204. In 1993 HMT-301 was deactivated thus HMT-204 become the only Marine Corps Fleet Replacement Squadron for the CH-46E. In 2000 the squadron received its first MV-22 Osprey tiltrotor and is redesignated VMMT-204

Red Dog was the first Co-much infighting to save training group MAG 40
Red Dog was Lt Col George Blackburn, the first CO of HMT 204 with CH 53 D's and Ch 46's. Capt Ronald Faris was the first Training Officer.

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1972/99MCAS New RiverKNCA


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1972/88S-65 H-53
1972/99107M H-46 Sea Knight

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