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  • usa Helicopter Anti-Submarine Squadron Seventeen

    US Navy

    HS-17 : Neptunes Raiders
    United States Naval Aviation

    1984 to 1991    


    Helicopter Anti-Submarine Squadron Seventeen

    My Husband was one of the plank owners of this squadron, Commander McCamy and the Exec. office was Charlie great squadron, sad to leave them
    Jan86-Aug89 served with hs-17. Participated in the bombing of lybia till last cruise for the USS Coral Sea was a pclse and ordenanceman also detachments on USS Caron
    1987-1990, I served with HS-17 as an AO and can promise you that you were not part of that squadron during that time. I did work line division as a plane captain before I went to my shop . Being that no name is mentioned does it happen to be Salters?
    Aug88-Jun91, I served as a enlisted Airman with HS-17. We won the Arnold J. Isable award for ASW excellence, the battle E award for our response time Yo help aide in the tragedy of the USS IOWA (BB-61 ) number 2 turret explosion on April 19th 1989 .We had all 6 of our Helicopters in the air in 30 minutes,, we won the Maintenance award for our incredible job keeping them flying.I sailed on the last Med cruise before the USS CORAL SEA CV-43. MY SQUADRON set sail on the USS ABRAHAM LINCOLN CVN-72 right out of Newport News brand new ,we did sea trials with the Big ABE then took her `round the horn ShellBack cruise to San Diego in 1990. I don't want to sound selfish ,but this is the Best Squadron I and my other Shipmates to serve with in the short time She was Commissioned to Her Decommissioning.
    1989-1990, I was in HS-17 as the Legal Officer. Had big time family problems and had to step down from flying which virtually ended my career! I enjoyed the Naval Aviator flying experience for the short time it lasted! I still remember being deployed on Coral Sea! She was a very old lady! Lol!

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    1984/91NAS JacksonvilleKNIP


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    1984/91S-61 H-3

    HS-17 List of helicopters

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    C/NVersionBuiltIn this OrgIn other Org
    61-316 sh-3a 152122 : USN; conv SH-3H; Jan88 as /AK-615 HS-17 on USS Coral Sea (CV-43) Mediterra+
    US Department of State N434RL : US Department of State Jul11-Dec17
    - N122WU : US Department of State Dec17-Dec19; auctioned off GSA by 2019
    Carson Helicopters N122WU : Carson from Dec19
    61-318 sh-3a 152124 : USN; conv SH-3H; w/o 22aug85 /AK-614 HS-17 USS Coral Sea (CV-43)
    : AK614. I was the first crewman (AW2 Brett Norton) and landed on the Coral +
    61-373 sh-3d 152708 : 1989 SH-3D type HS-17./AK-612
    : 14aug90 pictured as HS-17 /AK-613 USS Abraham Lincoln (CVN-72) over the C+
    61-376 sh-3d 152710 : US Navy; 1989 SH-3D type asg HS-17 /AK-613; conv to SH-3G
    61-378 sh-3d 152712 : US Navy; 1989 SH-3D type HS-17./AK-610
    : USN; conv SH-3H; 25sep90 pictured as /610 HS-17 USS Abraham Lincoln (CVN-7+
    State of California N240HJ : LASD Los Angeles County Sheriffs Department d/d 07nov97; ex 152712
    61-386 sh-3d 154100 : US Navy; 1989 SH-3D type HS-17./AK-614
    61-407 sh-3d 154117 : US Navy; 1989 SH-3D type HS-17./AK-615
    61-451 sh-3d 156505 : US Navy; 1989 SH-3H type HS-17./AK-611

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