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  • switzerland Heli-Linth

    Heli-Linth AG

    1972 to present    


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    News of Heli-Linth

    Zurich Cantonal Police New Helicopter, 06-Oct-15 : #Zurich Swiss Zurich cantonal police presented their new helicopter contracted from Heli Linth AG. It is co-financed by several partner organizations and is based in Dübendorf


    1972/    Meiringen-UnterbachLSMM


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    1998/    AS350 Ecureuil
    1998/06AS365N3 Dauphin 2
    1997/00SA365N Dauphin 2

    Construction Numbers (Not all in this unit)

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    C/NVersionBuiltIn this OrgIn other Org
    3093 as350b3 1998 HB-XQJ: Heli-Linth Jun98-Mar09
    Air Glaciers SA HB-XQJ: Air Glaciers from Mar09
    Air Glaciers SA HB-XQJ: pictured at Sion during WEF Annual meeting
    Air Glaciers SA HB-XQJ: Aug19 still
    6539 as365n3 1998 HB-XQS: Heli-Link AG from Jun98; w/o 05mar06 at Fluelapass
    3204 as350b3 1999 HB-ZBJ: Heli-Linth May99-Jun12
    - C-GSFY: Heliproducts Industries Jun/Jul 2012
    - C-GSFY: Prism Helicopters Jul12-Jun13
    Wood Buffalo Helicopters C-GSFY: Aurora Helicopters Jun13-Feb14
    - C-GSFY: Heliproducts Industries Ltd Feb/May 2014
    - N324LF: Wells Fargo Bank Northwest NA Trustee May14-Mar16
    - C-FWFS: Heliproducts Industries Ltd Mar/Jun 2016
    Tundra Helicopters C-FWFS: Tundra Helicopters from Jun16
    3548 as350b3 2002 HB-ZED: Heli-Linth Jun02-Dec12
    Swiss Police HB-ZED: Kantonspolizei Zürich BSA-KFO Flugbetrieb at Dübendorf Dec12-Jan15, op by Heli-Linth
    Austrian Police OE-BXL: Austrian Police from Jan15
    4584 as350b3 2008 HB-ZKK: AS350B3+; Heli-Linth Nov08-Nov12
    HB-ZKK: w/o 21mar12 crash at Claridenfirn. 5 onboard 3 slightly injured
    - C-FHPZ: Heliproducts Industries Ltd at Pitt Meadows, BC Oct13-Feb14
    - N702NP: Wells Fargo Bank Northwest NA Trustee Mar14-Apr17
    Horizon Helicopters C-GHZV: Horizon Helicopters from Apr17, pictured
    4913 as350b3 2010 HB-ZKZ: AS350B3+; Heli-Linth from Mar0
    Swiss Police HB-ZKZ: Kantonspolizei Zürich BSA-KFO Flugbetrieb at Dübendorf from Jul14, op by Heli-Linth
    7347 as350b3e 2012 HB-ZLN: Heli-Linth d/d May12; w/o 21dec13 crashed during landing at Elm, Glarus. +
    7345 as350b3e 2012 HB-ZNB: Heli-Linth May12-Jun16
    Fishtail-Air 9N-AJQ: Fishtail Air from Jun16; Dec16 pictured (pic1) at Gokyo Lakes in Nepal's Sagarmatha National Park, l...
    Fishtail-Air 9N-AJQ: pictured (pic2) during evacuation from Mount Everest expedition of the Belgian 400m runner Jonathan...
    Fishtail-Air 9N-AJQ: Jun18 rebrand to Summit Helicopters Pvt Ltd
    7757 as350b3e 2013 HB-ZNC: Heli-Linth AG from Feb14
    HB-ZNC: 24jul19 landed at Bradwell, Peak District in Derbyshire, UK
    Europavia SA HB-ZNC: Europavia Nov13-Feb14
    7466 as350b3e 2012 N397NS: Heli-Linth AG, Oct15
    Eurocopter USA N566AE: American Eurocopter Aug12
    - N566AE: Dalks Leasing Inc at Wilmington, DE Dec12-Mar13
    - C-GKSV: 8457751 Canada Inc at Québec, QC Apr13-Oct15
    - N397NS: Dalks Leasing Inc at Wilmington, DE Oct15-Jan16
    - N397NS: Northstar Trekking Llc at Juneau, AK from Jan16
    10 C/N found in this Organisation.