japan Ashiya Kyunantai

Japan Air Self-Defense Force

Ashiya Air Rescue Squadron
Japanese Air Force


The Ashiya Kyunantai (Air Rescue Squadron) reports to the Kuko Kyunandan (Air Rescue Wing) and provides SAR for military forces from its base at Ashiya Air Base (RJFA). It has flown the KV-107II-5/A-5 and now flies the UH-60J and U-125A.

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1955/    Ashiya Air BaseRJFA


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List of aircraft

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C/NVersionBuiltIn this OrgIn other Org
2006 UH-60J 1992 28-4556 : JASDF; 2004 Ashiya Kyunantai
4142 kv-107iia-5 1984 44-4835 : KV-107IIA-5, c/n 4142, ff? del JASDF as 44-4835, date?; stored Ashiya Ky+
2013 UH-60J 1995 58-4563 : Mitsubishi UH-60J, c/n 2013, ff?; del JASDF as UH-60J, 58-4563/563, ~1995;+
2035 UH-60J 2007 78-4585 : Mitsubishi UH-60J, c/n 2035, ff?; del JASDF as UH-60J, 78-4585/585, ~2007;+
4112 kv-107iia-5 1978 84-4826 : JASDF; 1994 Ashiya Kyunantai
M55-003 S-55C 91-4707 : Mitsubishi S-55C, M55-003, ff?; del JASDF as UH-19C 91-4707 unk; unit xfer+

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