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    japan Japan Air Self-Defense Force

    Japanese Air Force

    Del'd: 40 - 1991 to present


    Japan Air Self-Defense Force UH-60J

    The Mitsubishi UH-60J is a license-built Sikorsky S-70/UH-60L for the JASDF (and JMSDF, listed separately) for utility and SAR roles. Company designation S-70A-12. The JASDF received 40 from 1991. A second batch of 40 were ordered in December 2010 to replace the older airframes

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    USAF MC-130 Refuels Japan UH-60J, 27-Jun-17 : USAF 353rd Special Operations Group (SOG) from Kadena Air Base, Japan completed Exercise Teak Jet with Japan Air Self-Defense Force (JASDF) Hamamatsu rescue squadron UH-60J


    YearsUnitsbold : Current base of the Unit
    2000/    Chitose Kyunantai Chitose AB
    1991/    Niigata Kyunantai Niigata
    1991/    Nyutabaru Kyunantai Nyutabaru Air Base
    1991/    Naha Kyunantai Naha
    Akita Kyunantai Akita
    Ashiya Kyunantai Ashiya Air Base
    Hamamatsu Kyunantai Hamamatsu Air Base
    Hyakuri Kyunantai Hyakuri Air base
    Komaki Kyunantai Komaki Air Base
    Komatsu Kyunantai Komatsu Air base
    Kyunan Kyoikutai
    Matsushima Kyunantai Matsushima Air Base

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