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AW139 STARS and New Jersey Training Contracts, 18-Nov-15 : AgustaWestland signed long term training service contracts with AW139 operators Canada medical provider STARS and the U.S. State of New Jersey Police




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2011/    AW139

List of aircraft

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List of Aircraft for NJSP
C/NVersionBuiltIn this OrgIn other Org
76-0331 s-76b 1986 N12NJ : NJSP
Brown Helicopter Inc N473QH : Brown Helicopter from Jun12
162 FH-1100 1969 N1NJ : New Jersey State Police (NJSP); to N88860
- N550F : to N1NJ
- N250AD : 1990s, worked on by Rick Naylor at Clearwater Helicopters
: Floating Czech Inc at Valparaiso, IN from Aug98; w/o 19aug00
41242 aw139 2011 N1NJ : NJSP d/d May 2011; ex N216YS
AgustaWestland USA N216YS : AgustaWestland,PA; to N1NJ
76-0331 s-76b 1986 N1NJ : NJSP from Jan07, reser N12NJ
Brown Helicopter Inc N473QH : Brown Helicopter from Jun12
76-0345 s-76b 1988 N20NJ : NJSP, to N468ZB
Brown Helicopter Inc N468ZB : Brown Helicopter inc at Pensacola, FL from Mar12
51122 206l-3 1985 N2NJ : New Jersey State Police (NJSP) from Aug85
41293 aw139 2012 N3NJ : NJSP; ex N312YS
AgustaWestland USA N312YS : AgustaWestland, PA; to N3NJ
52107 206l-4 1995 N3NJ : NJSP Dec94-Jun12
40888 oh-58a N4NJ : NJSP from Jul06
US Army Aviation 70-15337 : US Army
- N912CC : to N4NJ
51170 206l-3 1986 N4NJ : New Jersey State Police (NJSP) 1986-2006
- N206DL : private at Midlothian, TX from Oct06
41260 aw139 2011 N5NJ : NJSP; ex N303YS
AgustaWestland USA N303YS : AgustaWestland,PA; to N5NJ
76-0346 s-76b 1988 N5NJ : NJSP from Feb89 as N11NJ, reser N13NJ
Brown Helicopter Inc N472ZB : Brown Helicopter from May12
4534 206b-3 2000 N6NJ : NJSP 2000-2012
- N868JB : Horizon Helicopter Llc at Pembroke, NH from Feb12
454 UH-1B 1962 N6NJ : NJSP ?
US Army Aviation 62-1934 : US Army 62-01934
- N206NJ : reg Mar97; private at Kite, GA Jul02-May13; private at Sapulpa, OK May13-+
: Airmobile Inc at McKeesport, PA May/Jun 2015; Air One Mobility Inc at Wilm+
: CSW Llc at Anacoco, LA from Jan16
51104 206l-3 1984 N6NJ : NJSP ? 1984-?
- N45EA : reg Feb92; Air Md Llc at Newton, KS from Dec04
52107 206l-4 1995 N6NJ : State of New Jersey Jun12-Jun14; NJSP from Jun14
41264 aw139 2011 N7NJ : NJSP d/d dec11; ex N304YS
AgustaWestland USA N304YS : AgustaWestland, PA; to N7NJ
76-0409 s-76b 1992 N7NJ : NJSP from Aug02, reser N14NJ
- N548F : Nov92-2002
Brown Helicopter Inc N473WB : Brown Helicopter from May12
76-0391 s-76b 1991 N8NJ : New Jersey State Police (NJSP) from Jan06
- G-HARH : Fayair Jersey Co Sep91-Mar98
Air Harrods Ltd G-HARH : Air Harrods Sep98-Nov05, to N90151
Brown Helicopter Inc N471NB : Brown Helicopter from May12
41243 aw139 2011 N9NJ : NJSP from May11
AgustaWestland USA N217YS : AgustaWestland,PA, to N9NJ
76-0345 s-76b 1988 N9NJ : NJSP, reser N20NJ
Brown Helicopter Inc N468ZB : Brown Helicopter inc at Pensacola, FL from Mar12

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