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    Canadian Ambulance Services

    Air Medical Services

    1977 to present    

    News of Ornge

    AW139 Against COVID-19 in Canada, 29-May-20 : #coronavirus Canadian Air ambulance AW139 operators Ornge (11) and STARS (3) have continue conducting life-saving missions throughout the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic

    Ornge Expanding Services due to Coronavirus, 01-Apr-20 : #coronavirus Canadian Ontario province air ambulance service, Ornge, in a temporary expansion of its Critical Care Land Ambulance program (CCLA) in Hamilton due to the Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak

    Ornge S-76 Donated to the Centennial College, 29-Sep-19 : #AviationTechnician The Centennial College’s School of Transportation in Toronto received donation of a decommissioned S-76A helicopter from Ontario’s Ambulance Ornge for the Aviation Technician and Aviation Technology programs

    Aero Loader Stretcher System for Ornge AW139, 09-Mar-19 : #Stretcher Ornge, Ontario’s air ambulance helicopter service, received its first Powered Aero Loader stretcher system from HeliMods

    New Stretcher to be Installed in Ornge AW139s, 21-Nov-18 : #Ornge Australian company HeliMods will install its enhanced stretcher system in Ornge, Ontario’s air ambulance, AW139 helicopter fleet

    Ornge Donates S-76A to Fanshawe College, 03-May-18 : Ornge, the province of Ontario air ambulance, donated a decommissioned Sikorsky S-76A to Fanshawe College and Norton Wolf School of Aviation Technology

    Ornge Celebrating 40th Anniversary, 21-Apr-17 : Ontario’s air ambulance, Ornge, celebrating its 40th Anniversary and a number of events are scheduled throughout the year to celebrate this milestone

    16-Dec-16 - Ornge Wins 2016 AMTC Simulation Competition
    14-Dec-16 - Ornge Signs Support Contract for AW139 Fleet
    28-Oct-16 - Spectrum Aeromed Equips AW139 for Ornge
    18-Oct-16 - All Canada Aeromedical Transport ACAT 2016 #ACAT2016
    26-Aug-16 - Waypoint Leased EMS AW139 to Ornge
    06-Jun-16 - Ornge wins 2016 CAEP Simulation Olympiad
    12-Feb-15 - Ornge Analyzing to Keep or Not AW139s
    23-Sep-14 - Ornge and Cambrian College establish partnership
    04-Jun-13 - Ornge S76 fleet returns to service
    01-May-13 - Ornge sells two surplus aw139s
    31-Jan-13 - Ornge air ambulance service in Thunder Bay
    24-Jan-13 - New interiors for Ornge AW139s
    05-Dec-11 - Ornge Responds to Toronto Star article
    11-Jun-10 - Ornge Takes Delivery of First AW139
    07-Oct-08 - Ornge Orders Ten AW139 Helicopters

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