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C/N VersionBuiltIn this Org In other Org
760168 s-76a 1981 C-FSBH : pictured (pic1) parked at London Airport, ON
: pictured (pic2) at London Airport, ON
: pictured (pic3) arrived at London Airport, ON
Canadian Helicopters Ltd C-FSBH
760226 s-76a 1983 C-GIMW : Ornge Ambulance, noted 2006-2008
- N31226
- N79BP
- N74BW
- N76FB
Canadian Helicopters Ltd C-GIMW
Government of Canada C-GIMW
760055 w/o 2013 s-76a 1980 C-GIMY : Ornge; w/o impacted terrain shortly after takeoff from Moosonee, Ontario.+
Bristow US N105BH
Bristow G-BKJU
- N376LL
Canadian Helicopters Ltd C-GIMY
Government of Canada C-GIMY
760169 s-76a 1981 C-GIMZ : 7506406 Canada Inc at Mississauga, ON from Jul12; Ornge; pictured
- N399KK
Sikorsky Helicopters N399PK
Canadian Helicopters Ltd C-GIMZ
Government of Canada C-GIMZ
41226 aw139 2009 C-GYNF : Ornge from Jun10, their first AW139
: as /Ornge 799 pictured (pic2) with Perth Cnty Paramedic at Stratford Ont+
AgustaWestland USA N417SM
41227 aw139 2010 C-GYNG : Ornge from Nov10
: pictured at Parry Sound Medical helipad, Parry Sound, ON.
AgustaWestland USA N419SM
41230 aw139 2010 C-GYNH : Ornge from Nov10
AgustaWestland USA N453SM
41232 aw139 2010 C-GYNJ : Ornge Sep10-Feb11
: Ornge; 19feb17 pictured over Toronto
AgustaWestland USA N454SM
Canadian Helicopters Ltd C-GYNJ
41236 aw139 2010 C-GYNK : Ornge from Sep10
: Orange air ambulance pictured returning to its Toronto Billy Bishop Island+
: Air ambulance (named Kenora) pictured (pic2) over Toronto
AgustaWestland USA N455SM
41238 aw139 2010 C-GYNL : Ornge from Dec10
: pictured (pic1) at Toronto/Buttonville Municipal Airport
: pictured (pic2) flying over Toronto
AgustaWestland USA N458SM
41245 aw139 2010 C-GYNM : Ornge from Jan11
AgustaWestland USA N467SM
41247 aw139 2010 C-GYNN : Ornge from Jan11
: 23mar12 Ornge pictured after emergency landing at Colonel Samuel Smith Par+
AgustaWestland USA N468SM
41250 aw139 2010 C-GYNO : Ornge from Feb11
AgustaWestland USA N470SM
41257 aw139 2011 C-GYNP : Ornge Air from May11
: Ornge EMS helicopter pictured (pic2) over Toronto
: pictured (pic3) returning to its Toronto Billy Bishop Island Airport .
: pictured (pic4) over Toronto on an EMS mission
AgustaWestland USA N478SM
41272 aw139 2011 C-GYNZ : Ornge from Oct16
ERA Helicopters N482LA

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