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Bell 429 Increased Weight Approval in Argentina, 24-Jul-12 : The Administracion Nacional de Aviacion Civil in Argentina (ANAC) approved the increased maximum gross weight for the Bell 429 up to 7,500 lbs / 3,400 kgs. Eleventh country to date


General Urquiza, ParanaSAAP


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2013/    429
2008/    427

Policia de la Provincia de Entre Rios List of helicopters

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C/NVersionBuiltIn this OrgIn other Org
S1601 300c 1992 LQ-AFB : Entre Rios Province Police (P.E.R.) /PE-02, test serial N3623Y
- N3623Y : Quest Aviation at Aberdeen, SD; canc 2003
- LV-AFB : Aeroclub Casilda; 29dec12 pictured (pic1) at Casilda, Santa Fe
: pictured (pic2) at inauguration of Police heliport LADH 2831, Rosario
: w/o 10jan20 training at Casilda
: 10jan20 crashed neg injuries under unknown circumstances at Casilda unknow+
: no injuries
56060 427 2007 LQ-BII : Entre Rios Province Police /PE-01; 25 pictured at Rosario
Bell Helicopter N50908 : Bell USA Mar/May 2007, test serial C-GAJH
4664 206b-3 2008 LQ-BZF : Entre Rios Province Police, Bell serial N95584
- LV-BZF : 03jan13 pictured (top) at Rosario airport with new civilian reg
: pictured (bot) at La Matanza
57073 429 2012 LQ-CZZ : Entre Rios Province police /PE-01 d/d , pictured and video at Rosario, San+
Bell Helicopter Canada C-GBUP : Bell Canada 2012, test serial. Reser N460TH
Bell Helicopter N460TH : Bell USA Feb/Aug 2013
S-399 105cbs-2 1978 LQ-ZZW : Entre Rios Province Police /PE-01 from 2004; ex D-HNWB toward LV-ZZW; 03se+
German Local Police D-HNWB : Polizei Nordrhein-Westfalen (NRW) from 1978 in 1985 cnvt to type:CBS-4 in +
- LV-ZZW : from 2006 ex LQ-ZZW
: HeliSafe; pictured (bot) at La Matanza

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