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    List of Operators of MBB Bo105CBS-2

    From Organisation with model Bo105CBS-2
    germany MBB
        Bo105 1967/92
    germany ADAC Luftrettung
        Bo105 1970/07
    germany Landespolizei
        Bo105 1971/06
    germany DRF Luftrettung
        Bo105 1972/09
    spain Guardia Civil
        Bo105 31 1973/   
    switzerland REGA
        Bo105 1973/95
    united kingdom Bond Aviation Group
        Bo105 1977/??
    norway Norsk Luftambulanse
        Bo105 1978/??
    finland SHT
        Bo105 1980/05
    canada Canadian Coast Guard
        Bo105 16 1983/17
    sweden flygvapnet
        Bo105 8 1985/94
    south africa Suid-Afrikaans Polisie
        Bo105 1986/   
    usa US Department of Justice
        Bo105 1987/12
    germany Eurocopter Deutschland GmbH
        Bo105 1992/??
    sweden SOS Helikoptern Gotland
        Bo105 1 1992/94
    netherlands ANWB Medical Air Assistance
        Bo105 4 1995/06
    israel Lahak Aviation
        Bo105 2005/   
    united kingdom South Georgia Heritage Trust
        Bo105 3 2011/   
    south korea Sejin aviation
        Bo105 3 2012/   

    argentina Policias Provinciales
    chile DAP Helicopteros
    united kingdom UK Air Ambulances
    united kingdom UK Police Forces
    usa ERA Helicopters
    usa State of North Carolina
    Construction Numbers on database of Bo105CBS-2


    Construction Numbers

    Help Us

    S-324 1977 DE D-HDJD : MBB toward HB-XGM. cnvt to CBS-4
    CH HB-XGM : Swiss Air Ambulance from 1977 to 1996 ex D-HDJD toward +
    NL PH-KHD : ANWB from Aug96 to wfu 2006. Nowadays preserved in Avio+
    NL PH-KHD : Aug15 preserved in Lelystad, Aviodrome museum
    S-329 1977 DE D-HDJG : MBB toward HB-XGT. cnvt. to CBS-4
    CH HB-XGT : Swiss Air Ambulance from 1977 to 1996 ex D-HDJG toward +
    NL PH-KHE : ANWB from Aug96 wfu 2005, destiny toward Germany
    S-341 US N46975 : MBB USA, canc 1980
    DE D-HMED : DRF, conv CBS-4, to D-HMVC
    SE SE-JFD : to OH-HMC
    FI OH-HMC : SHT, canc
    S-349 1977 US N46984 : MBB, test serial D-HDHX
    US N3537T : Tennessee Gas Pipeline Company
    US N3537T : GM Leasing Co Llc at Broussard, LA Jan08-Dec10
    CA C-FNHE : National Helicopters from Dec10, CDN-BS-4 type
    S-368 1978 DE D-HAYI : POLIZEI Rheinland-Pfalz cnvt. to Bo105cbs-4
    DE D-HAYI : Heli Concept May08
    UA UR-EURO : Ukraine Sep11
    S-389 GR SX-HAY : Greek Air, test serial D-HDLY; Bo105CBS-4 type
    S-392 1979 DE D-HDLH : MBB Nov79
    VR-BGV : Bermuda unk 1980-1990
    UK G-SPOL : Clyde Helicopters at Glasgow Heliport -Jan96, for Strat+
    Strathclyde Police 1996-2003, op by Bond
    UK G-SPOL : Bond Helicopters Jan96-Aug99; Strathclyde Police; Bond+
    UK G-TVAM : Bond Air Services Jun03-Jan11
    UK G-TVAM : Thames Valley and TVACAA Air Ambulance (TVACAA), lsd Bo+
    UK G-TVAM : South Georgia Heritage Trust Jan11-Mar18
    ? : South Africa unk from Mar18
    S-395 1979 AR LQ-MOA : Policia Bonaerense; conv Bo105CBS-5
    30may07 pictured (pic1) at La Matanza Heliport (HMF)
    pictured (pic2) at La Matanza airfield
    pictured (pic3) at La Plata
    S-398 1978 DE D-HDLN : MBB toward D-HNWA
    DE D-HNWA : Polizei Nordrhein-Westfalen (NRW) from 1978 in 19?? cnv+
    DE D-HNWA : Heliconsult from 2001
    DE D-HNWA Euro Avionics : 16- Berlin air show
    S-399 1978 DE D-HDLO : MBB toward D-HNWB
    DE D-HNWB : Polizei Nordrhein-Westfalen (NRW) from 1978 in 1985 cnv+
    AR LQ-ZZW : Entre Rios Province Police /PE-01 from 2004; ex D-HNWB +
    AR LV-ZZW Helimedical : from 2006 ex LQ-ZZW
    HeliSafe; pictured (bot) at La Matanza
    S-424 DE D-HDMW : MBB toward D-HNWC
    DE D-HNWC : Polizei Nordrhein-Westfalen (NRW) w/o 18apr80
    S-425 1979 DE D-HARU : Hamburg Polizei, test serial D-HDMX; pictured
    NL PH-RPX : POLITIE 2005-?, CBS-4 type
    PG P2-NHW : Manolos Aviation Ltd; emergency landing after engine f+
    S-426 1979 DE D-HDMY : MBB test serial toward D-HAMY
    DE D-HAMY : POLIZEI Hessen from 1979 cnvt. to Bo104cbs-4 in 2007 wf+
    S-431 1978 DE D-HDME : MBB toward D-HNWD
    DE D-HNWD : Polizei Nordrhein-Westfalen (NRW) from 1979 in 19?? cnv+
    DE D-HNWD : Heli Transair from 2003. From 2006 used for spare parts+
    S-432 1980 AR LQ-OMH : Policia Bonaerense; Original built as Bo105CBS-2; conv +
    27 pictured at La Plata airfield
    S-455 1979 DE D-HDNI : MBB Demonstrator 1979
    AE A6-SKZ : UAE 1982-1984, rtn to D-HDNI
    US N54574 : USA 1984, to N455BH
    US N455BH : 1986, reser N25SE
    US N25SE : Metro Aviation from 1986
    US N25SE : Mercy Flight WNY from 1991
    AR LV-FKS : HeliSafe Argentina from Oct12, CBS-4 type; 01feb16 pict+
    S-456 1979 DE D-HDNJ : MBB toward D-HNWE
    DE D-HNWE : Polizei Nordrhein-Westfalen (NRW) from 1980 in 1984 cnv+
    DE D-HNWE : Agrarflug from 2004 to 2004 toward new owner
    DE D-HNWE : Heli Transair from 2004 to 2007 toward new owner
    DE D-HNWE : Rainbow Helicopters from 2007 to 2009 toward new owner.
    DE D-HNWE : Heli Aviation from 2009
    S-543 US N42018 : ex D-HDNR, to N423EH
    US N423EH : ERA, noted 1985; canc Jun13
    S-548 US N42001 : ex D-HDNW, to N424EH
    US N424EH : ERA, noted 1985; Jun13 canc
    S-550 1981 US N42010 : MBB Corp, test serial D-HDNY
    US N378RL : Life Flight, unk, to LN-OSQ
    NO LN-OSQ : Norsk Luftambulanse 1989-1994
    DE D-HIFA : IFA Flugambulanz from 1994, conv to CBS-4 type
    DE D-HUAM : Heli Transair 2003-2004
    US N911PN : ProMedica Air and Mobile at Toledo, OH as N378RL 2004;+
    S-551 US N9364N : ex D-HDNZ, to N425EH
    US N425EH : ERA, noted 1985; w/o 20feb86 at Lake Charles, LA Apr95 +
    S-552 US N93173 : ex D-HDPA, to N426EH
    US N426EH : ERA, noted 1985; Jun11 canc
    S-554 US N93205 : ex D-HDPC, to N427EH
    US N427EH : ERA, noted 1985; Sep11 canc
    S-556 1987 US N9358B : EG & G Inc 1982, test serial D-HDPE
    US N60EG : US Dept of Energy 1983
    Mercy Flight WNY at Buffalo, NY 1991-Oct11
    AR LV-CVE : Air Energy SA, Argentina from 2012, CBS-4 type
    S-559 1981 US N9373H : ex D-HDPH, to N124EH
    US N124EH : ERA, noted 1985
    TT 9Y-TJE : Trinidad and Tobago
    US N124EH : conv to CBS-4 type; EAL Leasing at North Bend, OR from +
    S-562 1981 US N9376Y : to N125EH
    US N125EH : ERA Helicopters May05-Jun13
    S-567 1981 US N126EH : ERA Helicopters
    ERA Aviation from Oct95, conv CBS-4 type; w/o 10feb96 c+
    CO HK-3755X : Colombia, rtn to N126EH
    TT 9Y-TIM : Trinidad and Tobago, rtn to N126EH
    S-571 1982 US N127EH : ERA Helicopters May05-Mar07, ex D-HDPT
    S-572 US N128EH : ERA, noted 1985. Scr unk
    S-573 US N2906T : Offshore Logistics, ex D-HDPV; pictured at Patterson/W+
    w/o 21jul96 at Sabine Pass, TX. 4 fatalities; scr 1998
    S-578 US N29074 : MBB, test serial D-HDQA
    US N617 : US Department of Interior 1982; w/o 1992, repaired by +
    US N8056U : US Dept of Justice 1994
    US N3762 : US Dept of Justice 1998-2013; FBI
    S-580 1982 US N29077 : ex D-HDQC, to N129EH
    US N129EH : ERA, noted 1985
    US N129EH : Souther Aircraft Finance Leasing at Wilmington, DE Sep/+
    S-583 1982 US N2783V : MBB, test serial D-HDQF
    US N913ET : East Texas Medical Center Regional Healthcare System (E+
    US N918ET : to ZK-IMO
    NZ ZK-IMO : Heli 7 Ltd at Tauranga, NZ from Jan14, cbs-4 type
    S-588 1982 US N2910H : to N130EH
    US N130EH : ERA Helicopters May05-Nov11
    S-595 1982 US N3129U : ex D-HDQR, to N131EH
    US N131EH : ERA, noted 1985; w/o 06sep09 at Schriever, LA
    S-597 1982 US N29121 : ex D-HDQT, to N132EH
    US N132EH : ERA, noted 1985
    US N105AG : Associated Aircraft Group; w/o 26oct95 3m SW League Cit+
    S-598 1985 US N2912B : ex D-HDQX, to N133EH
    US N133EH : ERA, noted 1985
    US N133EH : conv to CBS-4 type; Red Bull North America at Santa Mon+
    S-615 DE D-HEMS : ADAC Luftrettung May83-Dec02
    ES EC-IKT : TAF Helicopteros, noted Dec03, conv to cbs-4 type
    S-616 AU VH-NSL : Australia, noted May88; to United Arab Emirates unk
    VE YV-O-PM-8 : Policia Venezuela, reser PM-8308
    VE CPNB-8302 : Policia Nacional Bolivariana, Venezuela; w/o 23may13 c+
    S-617 1983 CA C-GGGC : Coast Guard from Aug83; conv 105S CDN BS-2; conv 105S C+
    S-618 1983 CA C-GGGM : Coast Guard from Aug83; conv 105S CDN BS-2; conv 105S C+
    09sep15 on sale at www.gcsurplus.ca
    S-620 1983 US N2784E : MBB Corp demonstrator 1983, test serial D-HDSP
    US N2784E : Evergreen from 1985; w/o 13jun86 at Houma, LA
    S-621 1983 US N2784F : St Johns Regional Health Center at Springfield, MO from+
    US N2784F : Sep17-Mar18 for sale Eurocopter BO-105 CBS-4 1983; one+
    S-626 1983 DE D-HDSV : MBB toward D-HNWF
    DE D-HNWF : Polizei Nordrhein-Westfalen (NRW) HUMMEL 6 from 1983 in+
    DE D-HTSD : Eurocopter from 2005 toward D-HAAO
    DE D-HAAO : HeliService International from 2008
    S-635 US N2785A : to N134EH
    US N134EH : ERA Helicopters May05-Aug06, w/o?
    S-641 1985 CA C-GCHV : Coast Guard from Oct85; conv 105S CDN BS-2; conv 105S C+
    S-642 1983 US N2785R : Air Logistics, ex D-HDTL
    pictured at Patterson/Williams MAP, LA
    w/o 10aug99 at Vermilion 250, Gulf of Mexico. During ta+
    S-643 1983 DE D-HDTM : MBB toward N2785X
    US N2785X : Eckhart Helicopter Sales Inc. 1984-1992 cnvt. to type C+
    SE SE-JBS : 105cb-4 SOS Helikoptern Gotland CBS-4 type 1992-1994; 31oct94 w+
    S-644 1985 CA C-GSTV : MBB Canada; conv 105S CDN BS-4 Coast Guard; canc Jun85
    105cbs-4 Okanagan, Jun-Aug 1985
    CA C-GSTV : Alc Airlift Corp Aug85-Jan89
    US N750H : Deutsche Credit Corp at Deerfield, IL from Jul89; canc +
    Omniflight ambulance; w/o 09dec91 at De Ruyter, NY. 3 +
    S-645 1983 US N27854 : MBB Corp, test serial D-HDTO
    US N495LF : MSE Air Group Inc at San Juan, Puerto Rico from 2003; +
    S-656 1984 DE D-HDTZ : MBB, to N4572Q
    US N14ES : MBB USA, to UK
    UK G-BNRS : Helicopters UK Ltd Jul87-Sep89
    Berkeley Leisure Group Ltd Sep/Oct 1989
    UK G-PASD : Police Aviation Services Ltd Oct89-Sep01
    Wiltshire Police Air Support Unit 1990-1998, shared wit+
    UK G-PASD : Wiltshire Air Ambulance (WAACT) shared with Police 1990+
    UK G-WOSY : Redwood Aviation Nov01-Jun03
    NZ ZK-HSJ : Northland Emergency Services Trust (NEST) Aug03-Jan06
    MY 9M-SAR : Malaysia 2006-2013
    NZ ZK-IKK : Heli 7 Ltd at Tauranga, NZ from Nov14
    S-661 1983 DE D-HGYN : ADAC 1983-2003
    ES EC-IKO : TAF/RACC, conv cbs-4 type
    S-671 1984 US N4573S : test serial D-HDUM, to 9Y-TIW
    TT 9Y-TIW : NHSL from Dec96, conv to CBS-4
    TT SAUTT-04 : SAUTT from 2004
    TT MNS-04 : MNS 2010-201
    TT NSOC-03 : NSOC from 2011
    S-672 DE D-HDUN : MBB, to N4573T
    US N4573T : 1987-1992, rtn to Germany
    DE D-HEIM : ADAC Luftrettung Aug87-Jun00
    ES EC-HPB : TAF Helicopteros, noted Oct08, conv to CBS-4 type
    S-675 1984 US N4573D : to N135EH
    US N135EH : ERA Helicopters May05-Sep11
    S-681 1985 CA C-GCHW : Coast Guard from Oct85; conv 105S CDN BS-2; conv 105S C+
    S-682 1985 CA C-GCFN : Coast Guard from Feb87, 105S CDN BS-4 type
    S-684 1983 DE D-HDUZ : MBB test serial, in 1983 to 1984 unknown in 1984 cnvt t+
    DE D-HNWG : Polizei Nordrhein-Westfalen (NRW) from 1985 to wfu 2004+
    DE D-HTSD : Eurocopter from 2005 ex D-HNWG reregistered to D-HTSA.
    DE D-HTSA : Eurocopter from 2005 to 2007 ex D-HTSD toward 4X-BJU.
    IL 4X-BJU : Lahak Aviation from 2007 ex D-HTSA.
    S-694 1984 US N694MB : MBB Corp, test serial D-HDVH, N694CB
    US N105CJ : STAT MedEvac /Angel One
    US N105CJ : AEC Demonstrator 1992
    US N911GB : MSE Air Group at Puerto Rico; w/o 2007 ?
    S-695 1985 CA C-GCHX : Coast Guard from Nov86; conv 105S CDN BS-4; w/o 07may05+
    S-696 1985 CA C-GCHU : Coast Guard from Dec86, type 105S CDN-BS-4
    S-701 1985 US N954MB : to N152EH
    US N152EH : ERA Helicopters May05-Aug12
    S-705 1985 US N968MB : to N149EH
    US N149EH : ERA Helicopters May-05-Sep11, conv CBS-4 type
    S-706 1985 US N955MB : to N151EH
    US N151EH : ERA Helicopters May05-Mar07, conv to 105CBS-4 type
    S-715 1985 CA C-GCFO : Coast Guard from Mar87, type 105S CDN-BS-4
    S-716 1985 US N716XY : to Canada MBB Helicopter Corp 04sep85
    CA C-GCFQ : Coast Guard from Mar87, type 105S CDN-BS-4
    S-723 SE 09414 : SVF type:Hkp9B in 1990 /94 F6.
    FI OH-HMS : Copterline; ex 09414 then Eurocopter Germany D-HMBV; co+
    RU RA-02531 :
    S-725 1985 DE D-HDRM : MBB toward N959MB
    US N959MB : ex D-HDRM toward C-GCFS
    CA C-GCFS : Coast Guard from Mar87, 105S CDN-BS-4 type
    11mar16 for sale at Canadian gov website Crown Assets
    S-726 1985 DE D-HDRN : MBB, to N726S
    US N726S : MBB USA
    CA C-GCFT : Coast Guard Jun87, 105S CDN-BS-4 type
    CA C-GCFT : Westcan Aircraft Sales & Salvage Ltd at Kamloops, BC Ma+
    1642815 Alberta Ltd at Abbotsford, BC from Mar18
    S-727 1985 DE D-HDRO : MBB, to N963MB
    CA C-GCFU : Canada Coast Guard from Jul87, CDN-BS-4 type
    w/o 09sep13 asg icebreaker Amundsen crashed at night in+
    S-728 1985 CA C-GCFV : Coast Guard from Aug87, 105S CDN-BS-4 type
    S-729 1985 CA C-GCHY : Coast Guard from Jul86, 105S CDN-BS-4 type
    S-730 1985 CA C-GCFX : Coast Guard from Aug87, 105S CDN-BS-4 type
    S-731 SE 09415 : SVF Hkp9B type; to D-HECB
    FI OH-HKI : Copterline; conv Bo.105CBS-4; ex 09415; to RA-02533
    RU RA-02533 :
    S-732 1986 SE 09416 : SVF Hkp9B type, to D-HDRT
    NO LN-OSX : to F-OHQZ
    FR F-OHQZ : conv to 105CBS-4
    TT 9Y-TJF : NHSL from Jan99
    TT SAUTT-03 : SAUTT from 2004?
    TT MNS-03 : MNS 2010-2011
    TT NSOC : NSOC from 2011
    S-733 1985 US N900MB : MBB USA, test serial D-HDRU
    CA C-GCFY : Coast Guard from Aug87, type 105S CDN-BS-4
    stationed in CCG Labrador
    S-734 1985 CA C-GJDA : Sealand Helicopters, 105S CDN BS-4 type, canc Aug88
    CA C-GJDA : Toronto Helicopters, canc Jan90
    Canadian Helicopters, canc Aug91
    DE D-HPPP : 105cbs-5 DRF from May92; conv 105CBS-4; conv 105CBS-5
    S-736 1986 DE D-HDQW : MBB, ntu N964MB, to ZS-HRF
    ZA ZS-HRF : South African Police Service (SAPS); w/o 31may97 hit po+
    S-738 1985 US N970MB : MBB 1985, demonstrator
    AE N970MB : Aerogulf Services Co Dubai Apr86-Sep87, dry lease for O+
    AU VH-MBK : Australian Aerospace 1987
    DE D-HDRZ : 105cbs-4 MBB 1989, conv to CBS-4 type
    UK G-CDBS : Bond Helicopters Sep89-Aug99; Bond Air Services from A+
    105dbs-4 Bond type:Bo105DBS-4 at Staverton
    On duty - Scottish Air Ambulance
    UK G-CDBS : Air Ambulances, op by Bond; Cornwall Air Ambulance from+
    Scottish Ambulance Services; Scotland Charity Air Ambul+
    US N192SJ : San Juan Aviation Llc at Wilmington, DE Jul16-May18; ca+
    S-739 1985 US N957MB : MBB 1986, test serial D-HDXA
    US N105MM : First MAMA helicopter from 1986, pictured (pic1)
    US N105MM : Rocky Mountain Helicopters (RMH) 1990-1996
    US N911SE : Lifebeat Air Medical at Cape Girardeau, MO 1996-2001
    US N660SL : St Johns Regional Health Center at Springfield, MO 2001+
    US N660SL : Tuna Copter Inc at Port Vila, Vanuatu from May09; 2014 +
    S-741 1986 DE D-HJJJ : DRF; cnvt. to CBS-5
    105cbs-5 type:Bo105CBS-5 Christoph 44
    2006 type:Bo105CBS-5 toward TC-HMA
    TR TC-HMA : RedStar; 2006 type:Bo105CBS-5 new ex D-HJJJ
    Jul12 type:Bo105CBS-5 toward HL9601
    KR HL9601 : Sejin; Jul12 type:Bo105CBS-5 new ex TC-HMA
    S-742 1986 ZA ZS-HRG : South African Police Service (SAPS), test serial D-HDXD
    S-743 1986 ZA ZS-HRH : South African Police Service (SAPS), test serial D-HDXE+
    S-744 1986 ZA ZS-HRI : South African Police Service (SAPS), test serial D-HDXF
    S-747 1986 DE D-HDXI : MBB, ntu N621MB, to ZS-HSG
    ZA ZS-HSG : South African Police Service (SAPS); Dic19 still
    S-748 ES HU.15-89 : Guardia Civil 09-117; ex D-HDXJ; conv CBS-4; pictured +
    pictured (pic2) at Eurocopter tarmac, Cuatro Vientos, M+
    S-750 1986 US N623MB : MBB Corp, test serial D-HDXL
    US N623MB : New Jersey State Police (NJSP) 1988-1993
    US N623MB : CALSTAR 1993-2012; 2007 damaged
    US N623MB : Clear Flight Aviation Llc at South Beach, CA Jul12-Mar1+
    US N633MB : Clear Flight Aviation Llc at Carlsbad, CA Nov15-Feb18; +
    87 C/N.