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    Specialist Aviation in South Georgia islands, 11-Mar-11 : UK based operator and support organisation Specialist Aviation Services has assisted South Georgia Heritage Trust in successfully completing the first phase of a 5 year project to eradicate rats which have decimated the island’s unique population of seabirds over recent decades.

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    C/NModBuiltID     In this OrgIn other Org

    S-45 105d 1972     G-BATC: South Georgia Heritage Trust from 2011
    MBB D-HDAW: MBB Bo.105C, to UK as Bo.105D G-BATC

    Bond Aviation Group G-BATC: Helicopter Marketing Ltd 1973/1974; Bond Helicopters Au+

    visited Sennen helipad 10 Jul 1979 on behalf of Trinity+

    Bond Air Services Aug99-Dec10

    UK Air Ambulances G-BATC: Trinity House, by Bond Air Services; used to support +

    North Wales Air Ambulance, op by Bond Air Services
    S-392 105cbs-2 1979     G-TVAM: South Georgia Heritage Trust Jan11-Mar18
    MBB D-HDLH: MBB Nov79

    - VR-BGV: Bermuda unk 1980-1990

    UK Police Forces G-SPOL: Clyde Helicopters at Glasgow Heliport -Jan96, for Strat+

    Strathclyde Police 1996-2003, op by Bond

    Bond Aviation Group G-SPOL: Bond Helicopters Jan96-Aug99; Strathclyde Police; Bond+

    Bond Aviation Group G-TVAM: Bond Air Services Jun03-Jan11

    UK Air Ambulances G-TVAM: Thames Valley and TVACAA Air Ambulance (TVACAA), lsd Bo+

    - ?: South Africa unk from Mar18
    S-138 105d 1974     G-WAAS: South Georgia Heritage Trust Dec12-Mar18
    MBB D-HDEF: MBB Bo.105C, to UK as Bo.105D G-BDYZ

    Bond Aviation Group G-BDYZ: Bond Helicopters 1977/1992

    Bond Aviation Group G-BUIB: Bond Helicopters May92-Aug99 conv Bo.105DBS-4 c/n S.138+

    Bond Aviation Group G-ESAM: Bond Air Services Dec00-Jun03

    UK Air Ambulances G-ESAM: Essex Air Ambulance 2002, lsd Bond

    Bond Aviation Group G-WAAS: Bond Air Services Jun03-Dec12

    UK Air Ambulances G-WAAS: Wales Air Ambulance 2011, op by Bond, pictured

    - ?: South Africa unk from Mar18