MBB Bo105



UK certified offshore version

List of Operators of MBB Bo105D

From Organisation with model Bo105D
germany MBB
    Bo105 1967/92
nigeria Nigerian Air Force
    Bo105 24 1973/   
united kingdom Bond Aviation Group
    Bo105 1977/??
norway Norsk Luftambulanse
    Bo105 1978/??
united kingdom South Georgia Heritage Trust
    Bo105 3 2011/   

united kingdom UK Air Ambulances
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Construction Numbers

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S-45 1972 DE D-HDAW : MBB Bo.105C, to UK as Bo.105D G-BATC
UK G-BATC : Helicopter Marketing Ltd 1973/1974; Bond Helicopters Au+
visited Sennen helipad 10 Jul 1979 on behalf of Trinity+
Bond Air Services Aug99-Dec10
UK G-BATC : Trinity House, by Bond Air Services; used to support +
North Wales Air Ambulance, op by Bond Air Services
UK G-BATC : South Georgia Heritage Trust from 2011
S-75 1973 UK G-BCRG : from 1974 to 1980
CH HB-XLV : from 1980 to 1985 FFA air leasing
DE D-HIBY : Helicopter Service Wasserthal from 1985 in this time he+
S-135/914 UK G-WMAA : 105DBS-4 type, parts of G-PASB Bond Helicopters 1994-19+
UK G-WMAA : Operated for County Air Ambulance (now Midland Air Ambu+
UK G-NDAA : Bond Air Services from Feb06
UK G-NDAA : Devon Air Ambulance in red livery
Great Western Air Ambulance (GWAAC) in green/blue liver+
S-138 1974 DE D-HDEF : MBB Bo.105C, to UK as Bo.105D G-BDYZ
UK G-BDYZ : Bond Helicopters 1977/1992
UK G-BUIB : Bond Helicopters May92-Aug99 conv Bo.105DBS-4 c/n S.138+
UK G-ESAM : Bond Air Services Dec00-Jun03
UK G-ESAM : Essex Air Ambulance 2002, lsd Bond
UK G-WAAS : Bond Air Services Jun03-Dec12
UK G-WAAS : Wales Air Ambulance 2011, op by Bond, pictured
UK G-WAAS : South Georgia Heritage Trust Dec12-Mar18
29apr14 operated by South Georgia Heritage Trust, carry+
? : South Africa unk from Mar18
S-283 NG NAF 504 : NAF NAF-504/NAF504
S-284 NG NAF 505 : NAF NAF-505/NAF505
S-285 NG NAF 506 : NAF NAF-506/NAF506
S-286 NG NAF 507 : NAF NAF-507/NAF507
S-287 NG NAF 508 : NAF NAF-508/NAF508
S-288 NG NAF 509 : NAF NAF-509/NAF509
S-289 NG NAF 510 : NAF NAF-510/NAF510
S-290 NG NAF 511 : NAF NAF-511/NAF511
S-291 NG NAF 512 : NAF NAF-512/NAF512
S-292 NG NAF 513 : NAF NAF-513/NAF513
S-293 NG NAF 514 : NAF NAF-514/NAF514
S-294 NG NAF 515 : NAF NAF-515/NAF515
S-295 NG NAF 516 : NAF NAF-516/NAF516
S-296 NG NAF 517 : NAF NAF-517/NAF517
S-297 NG NAF 518 : NAF NAF-518/NAF518
S-298 NG NAF 519 : NAF NAF-519/NAF519
S-299 NG NAF 520 : NAF NAF-520/NAF520
S-300 NG NAF 521 : NAF NAF-521/NAF521
S-301 NG NAF 522 : NAF NAF-522/NAF522
S-302 NG NAF 523 : NAF NAF-523/NAF523
S-382 1979 DE D-HDLR : Bo.105DB; conv Bo.105DBS-5; to LN-OTJ
NO LN-OTJ : Norsk Air Ambulance, Oslo; ex D-HDLR; 1996 conv 105DBS-+
UK G-EYNL : Sterling Helicopters 2001-2011; 23 pictured (top) at No+
UK G-EYNL : east anglian air ambulance - Bo105DBS-5, ex LN-OTJ, reg+
UK G-EYNL : pictured (bot) departing by road from Norwich heading +
S-819 UK G-MHSL : Bo,105DBS-4 type; MBB Helicopters UK Feb90-Dec92
UK G-PASG : Medical Aviation Services Dec92-Mar95
Police Aviation Services Mar95-Mar08; op by Yorkshire a+
UK G-PASG : Trelawny Ltd from Mar08 for Pakistan
PK AP-BHR : Pakistan from Mar08
S-41/913 1993 UK G-BUXS : BO.105DBS-4; Bond Helicopters 1993-1999; Bond Air Serv+
UK G-BUXS : Jan 2011 was operated for EAAA by Bond Air Services
01 pictured during Hampshire and Isle of Wight Air Ambu+
Scottish Air Ambulance (SCAA); at Perth (Scone)
US N191SJ : San Juan Aviation Llc at Wilmington, DE Jul16-May18; ca+
27 C/N.