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  • argentina Servicio de Aviacion

    Prefectura Naval Argentina

    Argentine Coast Guard Aviation Service
    Argentine Coast Guard

    1946 to present    


    Helicopters are operated by the Escuadron de Alas Rotativas

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    1990/    Comodoro RivadaviaSAVC
    1987/    Mar del PlataSAZM
    San FernandoSADF
    Puerto Nuevo
    Helipuerto PNA Rosario


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    2011/    AS355NP Ecureuil 2 / TwinStar
    1996/    269C / 300
    1995/    AS365 Dauphin 2
    1980/15SA330L Puma
    1968/88369 / 500 / H-6

    Construction Numbers (Not all in this unit)

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    C/NVersionBuiltIn this OrgIn other Org
    sa330l PA-11: PNA from 2006, ex BGS/BPol ( SA330J with diff windows )
    1587 sa330l 1978 PA-11: PNA d/d 20oct80 test serial F-WFFJ, pictured (pic1)
    PA-11: badly damaged during storm in Mar del Plata airshow Aerplata 97 when hit a+
    PA-11: w/o ditch ocean during evacuation of shipping boat Fueguino 200 miles off+
    1591 sa330l 1978 PA-12: PNA d/d 20oct80; apr/jun82 pictured at Stanley during Malvinas/Falklands+
    Westland ZE449: repaired by Westland at Weston Super Mare
    Westland ZE449: at Westland Training Centre by Mar 1990
    Royal Air Force ZE449: RAF; ex Argentine coast guard PA-12 captured Falklands/Mavinas; 2001 conv to Puma HC.1 type; 2003 wi...
    Royal Air Force ZE449: 1563 Flt, in Iraq Jun 2009
    Royal Air Force ZE449: 8 Apr 2014 By road from Shawbury to Whittington Barracks, Lichfield.
    1598 sa330l 1978 PA-13: PNA d/d 20oct80, pictured, based in Mar del Plata
    11-0290S 369hs PA-30: PNA. Preserved Museo Prefectura at Tigre
    11-0282S 369hs PA-31: PNA. sold 1987 as LV-RAL
    11-0292S 369hs PA-32: PNA. sold 1987 as LV-RAI
    369 PA-33: PNA. w/o 19jan85 over Rio de la Plata near San Isidro
    11-0299S 369hs PA-34: PNA. crash 15apr84 at paraje Pozo del Tigre, Formosa. Repaired. Sold 1987.+
    11-0274S 369hs PA-35: PNA. d/d 1971. Sold 1987 as LV-RAH
    6483 as365n2 PA-40: PNA d/d Oct95
    6502 as365n2 PA-41: Coast Guard from Oct95, pictured
    PA-41: pictured (pic2) in VIP configuration
    PA-41: video at Helipuerto PNA Rosario
    6491 as365n2 PA-42: PNA d/d 2003; 20 pictured at Rosario
    PA-42: video at Rosario
    PA-42: medevac fishboat
    PA-42: video medical evacuation 150km / 95nm offshore Trelew, Patagonia
    PA-42: medevac chinese fishing boat c 590 km offshore Comodoro Rivadavia, out of +
    6479 as365n2 1995 PA-43: PNA d/d Oct03, ex PFA LQ-WLL; 30jun10 pictured (pic2) during PNA 200 anniv+
    PA-43: pictured (pic4) at Sauce Viejo during searching of fugitives. PFA EC145 L+
    PA-43: first one sent to Brazil Helibras for conversion to AS365N3+
    PA-43: f/f in new N3+ configuration
    PA-43: pictured (pic5) official reception ceremony on arrival from Helibras after+
    Argentine Federal Police LQ-WLL: PFA H-10, VIP; Oct03 to PNA (coast guard) as PA-43, pictured (pic1)
    6478 as365n2 PA-44: Argentina Coast Guard from , lsd; pictured (pic2) (pic3)
    PA-44: pictured (pic4) (pic5) supporting Santa Fe province firefighters in the ri+
    Helicsa EC-HIM: Helicsa by 2010, pictured (pic1)
    Local Government EC-HIM: Xunta de Galicia SAR by 2010, op by Helicsa
    Heli Aviation GmbH D-HAVZ: Heli Aviation GmbH Sep13-Oct16
    Heli Aviation GmbH D-HAVZ: Babcock MCS Germany at Augsburg from
    helikopterservice ab SE-JCE: HelikopterService AB, test serial F-WYMM; shuttle Malmö heliport to Kastrup Copenhagen, Denmark, cl...
    5779 as355np 2010 PA-80: PNA d/d Jan11 from Eurocopter Chile
    PA-80: pictured at Iguazu, Misiones province
    Eurocopter Cono Sur : Eurocopter Chile, for PNA
    5786 as355np PA-81: PNA d/d 08may11 from Eurocopter Chile
    PA-81: 20 video at Rosario
    PA-81: 03jul13 pictured at Zarate
    Eurocopter Cono Sur : Eurocopter Chile, for PNA
    S1729 300c PA-90: PNA. d/d 1996. crash 4dic00 at Resistencia, Chaco; repaired; 2011 in servi+
    S1730 300c PA-91: PNA. d/d 1996. crash oct99 in Entre Rios province; dam stored
    S1778 300c PA-92: PNA. d/d 1999. ex N2049S. w/o 19jan2010 near San Fernando. Two fatalities
    S1779 300c PA-93: PNA. d/d 1999. ex N2049D
    S1816 300c PA-94: PNA. d/d 2001. Crashed 12sep03 at San Fernando main base. Repaired
    S1817 300c PA-95: PNA. d/d 2001
    S1961 300c PA-96: pictured at Encuentro Helicopteros La Matanza
    Sikorsky Helicopters N961D: Sikorsky (Schweizer) Apr15
    24 C/N found in this Organisation.