italy 2 gruppo elicotteri

Marina Militare Italiana

helicopter group 2
Italian Navy

1964 to present    

Cerco amici che anno servito con il 2th gruppo elicotteri a Catania nell 1967-1968, con il Bell 2-04

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1964/    Catania Fontanarossa LICC


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1981/    AB212

Construction Numbers (Not all in this unit)

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C/NVersionBuiltIn this OrgIn other Org
3025 ab204as 1964 MM80301: Marina 3-01
3082 ab204as MM80363: Marina 3-02. preserved Centro Addestramento Aeronavale at Taranto
3093 ab204as 1963 MM80364: Marina 3-03. to Vigili Fuoco as I-VFMB VF-30
Italian Firefighters I-VFMB: ex Marina. d/d 1988 VF-30
- 3D-HUI: Cape Town Foreshaw Helicopters, South Africa
3101 ab204as MM80365: Marina 3-04. cockpit at Forli
3106 ab204as MM80366: Marina 3-05. preserved gate guardian Catania
MM80366: MMI; Sep00 gate guard Catania. /3-05
3132 ab204as MM80367: Marina 3-06. w/o 13feb70 flying from C554 Caio Duilio
3134 ab204as MM80368: Marina 3-07. w/o 27jul77 ditched in sea near Sicily
3135 ab204as 1964 MM80369: Marina 3-08. to Vigili Fuoco as I-VFMC VF-31
Italian Firefighters I-VFMC: ex Marina. VF-31. preserved outside Vigili del Fuoco hangar Catania
3138 ab204as MM80370: Marina 3-09. w/o 07may71 rebuild as c/n 3210
3210 ab204as MM80370: Marina 3-09. rebuild from c/n 3138 after crash
3140 ab204as MM80371: Marina 3-10. preserved gate guardian Luni-Sarzana
3142 ab204as MM80372: Marina 3-11
3143 ab204as MM80373: Marina 3-12. to Vigili Fuoco as I-VFMD VF-32
Italian Firefighters I-VFMD: ex Marina. VF-32. wfu
3145 ab204as MM80374: Marina 3-13. Gruppo Elicotteri 2. wfu 1977
MM80374: elicottero caduto al largo di taranto 29nov77 durante un esercitazione, im+
3146 ab204as MM80375: Marina 3-14
3147 ab204as MM80376: Marina 3-15
3149 ab204as MM80377: Marina 3-16. to Vigili Fuoco as I-VFME VF-33
Italian Firefighters I-VFME: ex Marina. VF-33. sold to south africa civilian
3148 ab204as MM80378: Marina 3-18. to Vigili Fuoco as I-VFMF VF-34
Italian Firefighters I-VFMF: ex Marina. VF-34. wfu
Italian Firefighters I-VFMF: Preserved at the Fire Corps Detachment of Grugliasco, near Turin
3214 ab204as MM80507: Marina 3-19. to Vigili Fuoco as I-VFMG VF-35
Italian Firefighters I-VFMG: ex Marina. VF-35
3215 ab204as MM80508: Marina 3-20. to Vigili Fuoco as I-VFMH VF-36
Italian Firefighters I-VFMH: ex Marina. VF-36
3216 ab204as MM80509: Marina 3-21. Gruppo Elicotteri 2. w/o 25jun72 in sea off Crotone
3217 ab204as MM80510: Marina 3-22. Gruppo Elicotteri 2. w/o 01feb71 near Grottaglie
3218 ab204as MM80511: Marina 3-23. Gruppo Elicotteri 2. w/o 01feb72 in sea off Puglia
3219 ab204as MM80512: Marina 3-24. to Vigili Fuoco as I-VFML VF-37
Italian Firefighters I-VFML: ex Marina. VF-37. wfu
3222 ab204as MM80513: Marina 3-25. to Vigili Fuoco as I-VFMM VF-38
Italian Firefighters I-VFMM: ex Marina. VF-38. preserved dockside Genova
3223 ab204as MM80514: Marina 3-26. to Vigili Fuoco as I-VFMP VF-39
Italian Firefighters I-VFMP: ex Marina. VF-39. preserved gate guardian Aeroporto Internazionale Pescara
3225 ab204as MM80515: Marina 3-27. to Vigili Fuoco as I-VFMR VF-40
Italian Firefighters I-VFMR: ex Marina. VF-40. wfu
3226 ab204as MM80516: Marina 3-28. o Vigili Fuoco as I-VFMS VF-41
Italian Firefighters I-VFMS: ex Marina. VF-41. wfu
3227 ab204as MM80517: Marina 3-29. to Vigili Fuoco as I-VFMT VF-42
Italian Firefighters I-VFMT: ex Marina. VF-42
3228 ab204as MM80518: Marina 3-30. preserved Catania
3229 ab204as MM80519: Marina 3-31. o Vigili Fuoco as I-VFMV VF-43
Italian Firefighters I-VFMV: ex Marina. VF-43. Torino. wfu
3232 ab204as MM80520: Marina 3-32
3233 ab204as MM80521: Marina 3-33. to Vigili Fuoco as I-VFMZ VF-44
Italian Firefighters I-VFMZ: ex Marina. VF-44. wfu
3234 ab204as MM80522: Marina 3-34. Gruppo Elicotteri 5. w/o 13may76 in sea off Isola d Elba
3236 ab204as MM80523: Marina 3-35
5501 ab212 1970 MM80933: Marina 7-01; 1997 5e Grupelicot
MM80933: 2004 wreck at Luni-Sarzana ; 2008 still
Agusta Spa I-AGUR: First Agusta Bell 212
Agusta Spa I-AGUR: 30may71 at Paris Air Salon, France Le Bourget 1971
5101 ab212asw MM80934: Marina 7-02
5102 ab212asw MM80935: Marina 7-03
5103 ab212asw MM80936: Marina 7-04. On display at International Air Show
MM80936: Marina 7-04
MM80936: Ceremony for airport dedication to MOVM sergeant pilot Marcello De Salvia,
5105 ab212asw MM80937: Marina 7-05
5106 ab212asw MM80938: Marina 7-06
MM80938: MMI; Sep00 2e Grupelicot./7-06
5107 ab212asw MM80939: Marina 7-07; 1980 pictured (pic1) in original colours with GRUPELICOT 5 at+
MM80939: 26jul2018 on Sicily firefighting duty for Protezione Civile
5108 ab212asw MM80940: Marina 7-08
5109 ab212asw MM80941: Marina 7-09. w/o 20jul84
5111 ab212asw MM80942: Marina 7-10
5112 ab212asw MM80943: Marina 7-11
5113 ab212asw MM80944: Marina 7-12
5115 ab212asw MM80945: Marina 7-13
5118 ab212asw MM80946: Marina 7-14. UN
5120 ab212asw MM80947: Marina 7-15
5122 ab212asw MM80948: Marina 7-16
MM80948: Exercise Italian Call 2011
MM80948: jul/dic12 on board Nave San Giorgio Operation Atalanta
MM80948: on board nave F577 Zeffiro operation Atalanta
5123 ab212asw MM80949: MMI; 1998 5e Grupelicot./7-18
5124 ab212asw MM80950: Marina 7-19
MM80950: 1996 2 Grupelicot./7-19
MM80950: Exercise Italian Call 2011
ab212asw MM80951: MMI; 1998 5e Grupelicot./7-20
MM80951: Reparto Eliassalto; ISAF markings
MM80951: 4° Gruppo Elicotteri. Reparto Eliassalto Task Force "Pantera". Kabul, Af+
MM80951: 16sep13 on board Aircraft Carrier Conte di Cavour (C550) for operation Bri+
MM80951: 07sep18, brief technical stop for this MH-212B (actual Italian Navy name f+
5127 ab212asw MM80952: Marina 7-21
5129 ab212asw MM80953: Marina 7-22
MM80953: MMI; Apr98 5e Grupelicot./7-22 embarked Aliseo (F 574) STANAVFORMED
5130 ab212asw MM80954: Marina 7-23. 15nov79 crashed south of Toulon, France
5131 ab212asw MM80955: Marina 7-24; grupelicot4 w/o 01jul08 crash near Calzerosse, an inaccessibl+
5132 ab212asw MM80956: Marina 7-25
MM80956: Sep00 2e Grupelicot./7-25
5133 ab212asw MM80957: MMI; 1998 5e Grupelicot./7-26
5134 ab212asw MM80958: Marina 7-27
5135 ab212asw MM80959: Marina 7-28. 2003 visit Barcelona onboard Vittorio Veneto cruiser
5136 ab212asw MM80960: MMI; 1998 5e Grupelicot./7-29
5137 ab212asw MM81075: Marina 7-30
5140 ab212asw MM81076: Marina 7-31
MM81076: MMI; Sep00 2e Grupelicot./7-31
MM81076: Still on duty at 2° Gruppo Elicotteri
5141 ab212asw MM81077: MMI; 1998 5e Grupelicot./7-32
5142 ab212asw MM81078: Marina 7-33
5143 ab212asw MM81079: Marina 7-34
5144 ab212asw MM81080: Marina 7-35
5146 ab212asw MM81081: Marina 7-36
MM81081: on boar nave Zeffiro operation Atalanta
5147 ab212asw MM81082: Marina 7-37
5148 ab212asw MM81083: Marina 7-38
MM81083: Oct15 with SNMG2 aboard Zeffiro (F577)
MM81083: Oct15 pictured (pic1) with Standing NATO Maritime Group 2 (SNMG2) aboard Z+
MM81083: Mar16 pictured (pic2) training hoist rescue with Vega (P404) offshore patr+
5149 ab212asw MM81084: Marina 7-39. w/o 21aug82
5150 ab212asw MM81085: Marina 7-40
MM81085: MMI; Sep00 2e Grupelicot./7-40
5151 ab212asw MM81086: MMI; 1997 5e Grupelicot./7-41
5152 ab212asw MM81087: Marina 7-42
5153 ab212asw MM81088: MMI; 1998 5e Grupelicot./7-43
5154 ab212asw MM81089: Marina 7-44
MM81089: jul/dic12 on board Nave San Giusto Operation Atalanta
5155 ab212asw MM81090: Marina 7-45
MM81090: Apr98 5e Grupelicot. /7-45 embarked Aliseo (F 574) STANAVFORMED visit Amst+
MM81090: 07jun07 pictured at Civitavecchia Port on aircraft carrier Giuseppe Gariba+
MM81090: 2jan2017 on board italian Aircraft Carrier Giuseppe Garibaldi
MM81090: 15apr18 aboard San Giusto (L9894) in LaValletta, Malta
5156 ab212asw MM81091: Marina 7-46
MM81091: 6sep2017 on board Maestrale class Italian Frigate Zeffiro F577 for medic+
5158 ab212asw MM81092: Marina 7-47. GUFO electronic warfare variant
5161 ab212asw MM81093: Marina 7-48; 10jun95 pictured onboard Francesco Mimbelli D561 at Leith Doc+
5163 ab212asw MM81094: Marina 7-49. UN
5165 ab212asw MM81095: Marina 7-50
MM81095: MMI; Sep00 2e Grupelicot./7-50
ab212asw MM81096: Marina 7-51. w/o 2sep88 frigate F574 Aliseo
ab212asw MM81097: Marina 7-52
ab212ge MM81098: Marina 7-53. GUFO ecm/elint variant
MM81098: Marina.; mar1999 type:AB212ASW? deployed aboard Euro F575. /7-53
ab212asw MM81099: MMI; Sep00 2e Grupelicot./7-54
MM81099: Marina 7-54. Conv ab212ge GUFO ecm/elint variant
5173 ab212ge MM81100: Marina 7-55. GUFO ecm/elint variant
MM81100: Preserved Taranto
5175 ab212ge MM81103: Marina 7-56. GUFO ecm/elint variant
5184 ab212asw MM81174: Marina 7-57
5185 ab212asw MM81175: Marina 7-58
5186 ab212asw MM81176: Marina 7-59
MM81176: Marina.; mar1999 deployed aboard Euro F575. /7-59
5187 ab212asw MM81177: Marina 7-60
5188 ab212asw MM81178: Marina 7-61
MM81178: 1996 2 Grupelicot./7-61
5189 ab212asw MM81179: Marina 7-62. w/o 2004 Catania Fontanarossa
5190 ab212asw MM81180: Marina 7-63
MM81180: MMI; Sep00 2e Grupelicot./7-63
5191 ab212asw MM81181: Marina 7-64
MM81181: On active duty at 2° Gruppo Elicotteri
5192 ab212asw MM81182: Marina 7-65
5212 ab212asw MM81376: Marina 7-66
MM81376: MMI; Sep00 2e Grupelicot./7-66
MM81376: still on duty at 2° Gruppo Elicotteri
MM81376: 16sep2013 callname Lupin 66, for 4 Gruppo Elicotteri on board Aircraft Ca+
MM81376: Static display for 2 gruppo elicotteri at Centenary of Italian Naval+
MM81376: 06APR18 sea crash during night approach to Nave Borsini 4 rescued 1 death
5213 ab212asw MM81377: Marina 7-67
5214 ab212asw MM81378: Marina 7-68
MM81378: Static display for 2 gruppo elicotteri at Centenary of Italian Naval+
5215 ab212asw MM81379: Marina 7-69
MM81379: MMI; Sep00 2e Grupelicot./7-69
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03-oct-1506-nov-15ES Exercise Trident Juncture 2015
28-dec-1428-dec-14 mv Norman Atlantic Rescue