netherlands vsq 7

Marine Luchtvaartdienst

7 squadron
Royal Netherlands Navy

1949 to present    

Founded in 1949 vsq 7 was a Catalina squadron at Biak (New Guinea). In 1951 vsq was disbanded. In 1955 it was re-established flying Fairey Firefly from Biak until 1952 when the squadron was disbanded again. 15 october 1962 vsq 7 was reformed as the second MLD helicopter unit flying AB-204B (or (I)UH-1, as they were called) from Valkenburg. In 1973 the squadron was moved north to De Kooy. There it was absorbed in MARHELI and is operating the SH-14D Lynx.
7th Squadron provides crew training in NH90 and also performs tests and evaluations for the helicopter and its systems

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1977/nowDe KooyEHKD
1955/62ID Biak/Frans KaisiepoWABB
1949/51ID Biak/Frans KaisiepoWABB
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2010/nowNH90 NFH
1968/72s-58 H-34

Construction Numbers (Not all in unit) Help Us

C/NVersionBuiltIn this OrgIn other Org
58-1597 hss-1n 1963 134: Sikorsky HSS-1N, c/n 58-1597, ff:?; reg Sikorsky as N266, unk; del Marine +
134: xfer Fokker School for restoration as UH-34J, 134, unk; pres Militair Luch+
134: Map BuNo 150729. preserved museum Soesterberg
58-1611 hss-1n 1963 135: Sikorsky SH-34J, c/n 58-1611, ff:?; del Marine Luchtvaartdienst as 135, 28+
135: MAP BuNo 149840
58-1430 hss-1n 136: MAP BuNo 149841. 8 sqd. w/o near Noordwijk 17aug65
58-1442 hss-1n 137: MLD type:UH-34J; Mar62 Active; Jun72 wfu
137: MAP BuNo 149842. to civ as N59333
Carson Helicopters N59333: Carson ex 137; 1973 Active
58-1373 hss-1n 138: MLD type:UH-34J; Sep61 Active; Jun70 wfu
138: Map BuNo 149131. to civ as N59331
Carson Helicopters N59331: Carson ex 138; 1971 Active
58-1374 hss-1n 139: Map BuNo 149132. w/o Moray Firth 25oct61
58-1375 hss-1n 140: Map BuNo 149133. 8 sqd. w/o near Gibraltar 31jan63.
58-1145 hss-1n 1959 141: MAP BuNo 147631. 8 sqd 8-1. w/o 22sep65
United States Naval Aviation 147631: Sikorsky HSS-1N, c/n 58-1145, ff?; ordered by USN as 147631, MDAP for Netherlands Navy; del Neth MLD...
58-1150 hss-1n 142: MLD type:UH-34J; Jan60 Active; Jun72 wfu
142: MAP BuNo 147632. 8 sqd 8-2. to civ as N59329
Carson Helicopters N59329: Carson ex 142; 1973 active
58-1153 hss-1n 143: MAP BuNo 147633. 8 sqd 8-3. preserved museum Seifertshofen
58-1158 hss-1n 144: MLD type:SH-34J; Jan60 active; Jun70 wfu
144: MAP BuNo 147634. 8 sqd 8-4. to civ as N59330
Carson Helicopters N59330: CARSON ex 144; 1973 active
58-1160 hss-1n 145: MAP BuNo 147635. 8 sqd 8-5. w/o near Gibraltar 31jan63
3010 ab204b 220: Marine Luchtvaartdienst; preserved gate Den Helder/De Kooy
220: 15sep12 pictured as Gate Guardian at De Kooy
3012 ab204b 221:
3014 ab204b 222:
3016 ab204b 223: 7 sqd. w/o 04may64
3020 ab204b 224: 7 sqd. w/o 01apr69
3023 ab204b 225: preserved museum Soesterberg
3032 ab204b 226: Marine
- 226: 2012 pictured preserved at Aeromuseum Göteborg/Säve, Sweden
3035 ab204b 227: Dutch Navy, to PH-UEY
- PH-UEY: 15sep12 pictured (top) still with Navy c/s and 7 Sqn badge at De Kooy during Heldair show
- PH-UEY: Nov12 owned by Ruud Heinen at Anna Paulowna in final restoration into flying condition
- PH-UEY: Jun13 at Anna Paulowna, The Netherlands, in the house of Ruud Heinen
- PH-UEY: 14jun13 pictured (bot) at Luchtmachtdagen airshow, Volkel
- 227: Navy 227 has been flown by famous instructor Cor Heinen. Together with Nico van Dam and Mr. Naumann...
3017 ab204b 228: 7 sqd. ex I-MINU
- 228: Jun15 pictured preserved at Österlens Flygmuseum, Sweden from 2013
003 mk25 260: NRN type:UH-14A
260: Jun78 pictured (top) as UH-14A type with 7 Sqd at De Kooy airbase
260: 04apr07 pictured as SH-14D type on USS Mahan (DDG-72) in the Caribbean
007 mk25 261: NRN type:UH-14A ; 1994 type:SH-14D 860Sqn.
261: 23jun12 860Sqn./AD
261: 15sep12 pictured (bot) with special livery for goodbye ceremony before ret+
014 mk25 262: NRN UH-14A; 1980 7 Sqn
262: Oct94 SH-14D type 860Sqn. participated in SAR meet 94from Leeuwarden airba+
262: May09 SH-14D type MARHELI./62 participated in SAR-Meet 2009 from Leeuwarde+
020 mk25 263: NRN type:UH-14A; 7sqn w/o 01apr82
263: 7 Sq, Static display at the Air Tattoo, 23 Jun 1979
022 mk25 264: NRN type:UH-14A; 1982 7Sqn./K; 1984 7Sqn./K
264: 1980s pictured at Maritiem Vliegkamp De Kooy
264: 31may80 on display in static at Newbury Air Festival, Greenham Common whil+
264: 13jul97 type:SH-14D 860Sqn
023 mk25 1977 265: NRN d/d 04nov77 dutch UH-14A type; uk G-17-4; 1995 SH-14D type 860 Sqn; 0+
265: Dec13, SH-14D type scrapped
076 mk27 1978 266: Dutch SH-14B, uk serial G-17-20; 09oct78 d/d to france for asw equipment;+
266: 860Sq /K noted visiting HMS Osprey on 21 Sep 1982, with 272 and 273.
266: assigned 860 Sq SH-14B to Hr.Ms. Banckert between Oct 1987 and Nov 1987
266: assigned 860 Sq SH-14C to Hr.Ms. Bloys van Treslong between Jan 1990 and M+
266: 23aug08 pictured at Den Helder
266: 29oct14 at Woensdrecht
086 mk27 267: NRN type:SH-14B; sep92 860Sqn./K
267: 1995 860Sqn. type:SH-14D
267: Apr98 type:SH-14D HeliGrp. embarked Hr.Ms. van Speijk (F828) STANAVFORMED
105 mk27 1979 268: assigned 860 Sq SH-14B to Hr.Ms. van Nes between Jan 1982 and Jul 1982
268: assigned 860 Sq to Hr.Ms. Bloys van Treslong between Jan 1983 and Nov 1984
268: NRN; 1993 type:SH-14B 860Sqn.
268: 31jul07 pictured as /7 860 Sqd at RNAS Culdrose Air Day, UK
108 mk27 1979 269: NRN; 22Jun86 type:SH-14B 860Sqn./TR embarked Hr. Ms. Tromp F801. participa+
269: assigned 860 Sq to Hr.Ms. Banckert between Apr 1982 and Oct 1987
269: 01may95 emergency landing Off-Airport Katwijk, Netherlands; repaired
269: 24+25jul99 type:SH-14D 860Sqn. Fairford air show
269: 07dec11 wfu
269: 2012 scrapped
112 mk27 1979 270: NRN type:SH-14B
270: 17May88 pictured as SH-14B type with 860 Sqn at RNAS Portland, UK on a tra+
270: assigned 860 Sq to Hr.Ms. Banckert between Jan 1990 and Feb 1991
270: 07dec11 wfu
270: 2012 scrapped
118 mk27 1979 271: embarked on HrMs Callenburgh during port visit 6-9 Nov 1981
271: NRN type:SH-14B; 22jun90 860Sqn./K on board Hr.Ms. Callenburgh.
271: assigned 860 Sq to Hr.Ms. Banckert between Feb 1992 and Apr 1992
271: sep92 860Sqn.
271: assigned 860 Sq to Hr.Ms. Abraham Crijnssen between Sep 1992 and at least +
271: 1994 860Sqn. type:SH-14D
124 mk27 272: NRN; 1990 type:SH-14B 860Sqn.; 1994 type:SH-14D 860Sqn.; 1995 type:SH-14D +
272: 860Sq noted visiting HMS Osprey on 21 Sep 1982, with 266 /K and 273.
272: assigned 860 Sq to Hr.Ms. Abraham Crijnssen between Feb 1988 and Mar 1990
130 mk27 273: NRN in 1990 type:SH-14B 860Sqn./K
273: 860Sq noted visiting HMS Osprey on 21 Sep 1982, with 266 /K and 272.
273: 15sep12 pictured] with special livery for goodbye ceremony before retireme+
137 mk27 1980 274: NRN type:SH-14B
274: assigned 860 Sq to Hr.Ms. Bloys van Treslong between Nov 1988 and Sep 1989
143 mk27 275: NRN type SH-14B; 860sqn w/o 31mar82
174 mk27 1980 276: NRN type:SH-14B
276: 03apr90 type:SH-14C 860Sqn./K
276: assigned 860 Sq SH-14C to Hr.Ms. Bloys van Treslong between Aug 1991 and D+
276: 1996 type:SH-14D 860Sqn.
194 mk81 277: NRN SH-14C type
277: 1979 pictured (top) at Koksijde, Belgium
277: Oct92 860 Sqn
277: 13jul97 type:SH-14D 860Sqn.
277: NRN SH-14B type; conv SH-14D; 27feb11 operating from the Hr.Ms. Tromp frig+
277: March/April 2012 on container at Tripoli harbor waiting for transport to N+
277: Jul12 arrived Rotterdam harbour
197 mk81 278: NRN type:SH-14C; 1990 860Sqn./K
278: oct92 860Sqn. type:SH-14B
278: 15sep12 pictured at De Kooy hangar during Heldair show
198 mk81 279: NRN type:SH-14C; 21jun86 860Sqn. participated with Vlootdagen
279: 1990 860Sqn./K
279: sep92 860Sqn.
206 mk27 280: NRN; 1993 type:SH-14B 860Sqn.; 1995 type:SH-14D 860Sqn.
280: 17Sep05 pictured (pic2) Dutch Navy 860 Sq in the static display at RNAS Ye+
211 mk81 281: NRN; 03apr90 type:SH-14C 860Sqn.
281: Sep92 type:SH-14C 860Sqn.
281: 1994 860Sqn. type:SH-14D
215 mk81 1981 282: NRN type:SH-14C; 22jun86 860Sqn./IS embarked Hr. Ms. Isaac Sweers F814. pa+
282: 18jun89 pictured as /K SH-14C type at Biggin Hill Air Fair, UK
282: 1990 860Sqn./K
282: sep92 860Sqn. type:SH-14B
282: 1994 860Sqn. type:SH-14D
282: 1995 860Sqn.
282: wa215 G-17-31 f/f 09apr81; w/o 10nov98 crashed
Westland G-17-31: Westland toward 282
219 mk81 283: NRN type:SH-14B; 1992 860Sqn.
283: 13+14jun92 860Sqn.
283: sep92 860Sqn.
283: 1995 860Sqn. type:SH-14D
283: 1996 860Sqn.
283: returned to Rotterdam from deployment aboard HMNLS Evertsen in Gulf of Ade+
1088 NH90 NFH N-088: 1088/NNLN01. 440058. Agusta CSX81697. Dutch Navy 088
N-088: modified with anti-piracy kit by Eurocopter Deutschland during Dec 2012.
N-088: deployed aboard Zr.Ms De Ruyter from Den Helder on 20 Jan 2013
AgustaWestland Italy CSX81697: 2014 at Frosinone with AgustaWestland for conversion from MOC (Meaningfull operational capability) ...
1102 NH90 NFH N-102: 1102/NNLN02. 440144. Dutch Navy 102
N-102: Sep15 pictured during 6-year inspection. 990 Sqn
1110 NH90 NFH N-110: 1110/NNLN03. CSX 81721. Dutch Navy 110. d/d 21apr10
N-110: 02jul16 pictured (pic2) with 860 Sq at RNAS Yeovilton during Air Day 2016
N-110: 13mar17 embarked on HNLMS Evertsen (F805) whilst she is training at RNMB D+
N-110: 02sep17 pictured (pic3) at Rotterdam during Wereldhavendagen 2017
1164 NH90 NFH N-164: 1164/NNLN04. Dutch Navy 164
N-164: 20mar12 860Sqn. EHKD
1175 NH90 NFH N-175: 1175/NNLN05
N-175: Jul11 860Sqn. embarked P840 Hr.Ms. Holland; 6+7jul11 pictured (top) with 8+
N-175: 24jul13 pictured (bot) at RNAS Culdrose, UK
N-175: 17aug13 860Sqn. 100 years celebration Marineflieger
N-175: 11apr17 visited RNAS Culdrose from mother ship, off Mullion
1195 NH90 NFH N-195: 1195/NNLN06; Jul11 860Sqn. pictured (top) at naval days 2011
N-195: 15sep12 pictured (middle) at De Kooy during Heldair show
N-195: 21jul13 pictured (bot) at Brussels for Belgium National Day
1227 NH90 NFH 2010 N-227: 1227/NNLN07. ex-CSX 81730. pre-delivery loan to MLD by Jul 2011.
N-227: NRN; 29mar12 delivered
N-227: Feb13-May13 860Sqn. operation Atalanta embarked Hr.Ms. De Ruyter
N-227: 14jun13 pictured at Luchtmachtdagen airshow, Volkel
AgustaWestland Italy CSX81730: AgustaWestland Italy toward N-227
1228 NH90 NFH N-228: 1228/NNLN08; 10jul12 pictured (top) factory fresh on static as 860Sqn /228+
N-228: 15sep12 pictured (bot) as 860Sqn /228 at De Kooy during Heldair show
1233 NH90 NFH N-233: NRN 1233/NNLN09
N-233: 24jan17 at Woensdrecht
1234 NH90 NFH N-234: 1234/NNLN10 d/d Jul09 860 Sq, ,test serial CSX81808
N-234: Sep14 participant in SAR meet 2014
1258 NH90 NFH 2012 N-258: NRN 1258/NNLN11
N-258: 27aug13 start ferry flight to Netherlands from LIPZ
N-258: 27aug13 tank/nightstop ferry flight at LFTH, departure next day.
N-258: 28aug13 at LFSD ferry flight to De Kooy
N-258: 28aug13 new delivery NH90 at De Kooy for 860Sqn.
N-258: Mar14 860Sqn. embarked Zr.Ms. Friesland near the coast of The Hague, Nethe+
1277 NH90 NFH 2013 N-277: NRN 1277/NNLN12
N-277: Mar14 860Sqn. embarked Zr.Ms. Holland near the coast of The Hague, Netherl+
1316 NH90 NFH N-316: NRN 1316/NNLN13
N-316: 01nov15 picture in Sierra del Retin, Cadiz, Spain with NLD Marine Combat G+
1317 NH90 NFH N-317: NRN 1317/NNLN14 d/d 27jun14
1318 NH90 NFH N-318: NRN 1318/NNLN15 d/d 15apr15
N-318: Nov15 deployed with Zr. Ms. Groningen (P843) off Somalia for operation At+
N-318: Sep16 asg Zr. Ms. Groningen (P843) pictured with intercepted 2 Ton of co+
1319 NH90 NFH N-319: NRN 1319/NNLN16 d/d 28jan15
N-319: 11jun15 landed at Falmouth, UK
N-319: Aug16 pictured asg HNLMS Tromp (F803) during Operation Atalanta
N-319: Jun17 NATO ex Dynamic Mongoose 2017 in Iceland
1324 NH90 NFH N-324: NRN 1324/NNLN17, test serial CSX81853; Oct14 at AgustaWestland
N-324: 06feb15 picture (pic1) in torpedo fire exercise with HNLMS Van Amstel (F83+
N-324: embarked on HrMs Tromp during Ex Joint Warrior 16-1
N-324: Aug16 pictured (pic3) asg HNLMS Tromp (F803) during Operation Atalanta
1325 NH90 NFH N-325: NRN 1325/NNLN18 from Jun15; 2016 860Sq
N-325: 27Jul16 pictured on arrivals day at RNAS Culdrose as Netherlands AF 325, f+
N-325: 29jul17 at coast guard air station Hato, Curacao
N-325: Sep17 asg Hr.Ms. Zeeland (P841) in the Caribbean; Delivered aid to Saba af+
N-325: 09sep17 with Hr.Ms. Zeeland at St Maarten in Carribean, prior to arrival o+
1326 NH90 NFH N-326: NRN 1326/NNLN19 30jun15 d/d Aug15
N-326: 02sep15 pictured at De Kooy airbase
1327 NH90 NFH N-327: NRN 1327/NNLN20, Dec15; 20jan16 pictured on delivery
N-327: Delivered at Tessera, Venice, Italy
65 C/N found in this Organisation.


07-jul-7212-jul-72UK 6th International Helicopter SAR Competition

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