UK air search radar Type 965

Naval Radar


In Royal Navy service, often coupled with a Cossor IFF mk.10 SSR antenna. Replaced by the Type 1022 in Type 42 destroyers.

  Used by

1961UK Type 81 Tribal class frigate FF 1
1962UK County class guided-missile destroyer DDG 1
1968UK Tiger conversion class helicopter carrier H 1
1975UK Type 42 (Batch 1 and 2) class guided-missile destroyer DDG 1
1977AR Hercules class guided-missile destroyer DDG 1


1958-jul-21 UK HMS Ark Royal R09 Aircraft Carrier Audacious class Refit at HMD Devonport, removed deck edge lift, added Type 965 radar (replacing Type 293). Fire broke out 9 Apr 1959 during the refit, delaying completion to 28 Dec 1959.
1963-may UK HMS Centaur R06 Aircraft Carrier Centaur class improvements at HMD Portsmouth to air surveillance and air defence operations, until c Oct.
1971-mar-01 UK HMS Hermes R12 Aircraft Carrier Improved Centaur class until 17 Aug 1973 at HMD Devonport to convert to Commando Carrier. Include removal of her Type 984 3D radar.

  In Service

UK Royal Navy
PK Pakistan Navy
CL Chilean Navy
AR Argentine Navy

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