BR Greenhalgh class

UK Type 22 (Batch 1) Broadsword class



Frigate Greenhalgh class


helicopter   Aircraft

Typical Max
BR Brazilian Navy Westland Super Lynx mk21a 12

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19952021BRBrazilian NavyF46Greenhalgh PWGH
19962004BRBrazilian NavyF47Dodsworth
19962017 sunk 2017BRBrazilian NavyF48BosisioPWBO
1997--BRBrazilian NavyF49Rademaker PWRM

4 units


1995-jun-30CommissionedCommissioned BR F46 Greenhalgh ex UK RN HMS Broadsword
1996-aug-31CommissionedCommissioned BR F47 Dodsworth ex UK RN HMS Brilliant
1996-aug-31CommissionedCommissioned BR F48 Bosisio ex UK RN HMS Brazen
1997-apr-30CommissionedCommissioned BR F49 Rademaker ex UK RN HMS Battleaxe
2004-mar-11DecommissionedDecommissioned BR F47 Dodsworth
2004-nov-29 BR F49 Rademaker hit during gunnery accident with frigate ARA Sarandi during Fraterno exercise
2012Port VisitPort Visit BR F46 Greenhalgh tied up alongside HMS Dauntless at NS Key West
2012-julFate: scrappedFate: scrapped BR F47 Dodsworth scrapped in Turkey
2014-janDeploymentDeployment BR F46 Greenhalgh engaged in Operation Aspirantex 2014 with Naval units from Argentina and Uruguay.
2014-feb-01Port VisitPort Visit BR F46 Greenhalgh Ship open to visitors at Paranaguá.
2017-julFate: sunkFate: sunk BR F48 Bosisio sunk as a target
2017-dec-09Port VisitPort Visit BR F46 Greenhalgh Present for Navy Week at Porto de Santos, with auxiliary NT Almirante Gastão Motta.
2021-augDecommissionedDecommissioned BR F46 Greenhalgh Decommissioned.

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