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  • 1979    

    The French navy doesnt use the term destroyer for its ships; thus, some large ships, referred to as frigates are registered with hull numbers Dnnn

        Derivatives / Succeeded by
    FR DD F70 ASW class 1979
    FR DDG F70 AA class 1988

    List of Ships

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    FRFrench NavyD640F70 ASW class Georges LeyguesFAGL1979--
    FRFrench NavyD641F70 ASW class DupleixFADL1981--
    FRFrench NavyD642F70 ASW class MontcalmFAMO1982--
    FRFrench NavyD643F70 ASW class Jean de VienneFAJV1984--
    FRFrench NavyD644F70 ASW class PrimauguetFAPG1986--
    FRFrench NavyD614F70 AA class CassardFACD1988--
    FRFrench NavyD645F70 ASW class Lamotte-PicquetFAMP1988--
    FRFrench NavyD646F70 ASW class Latouche-TrevilleFALT1990--
    FRFrench NavyD615F70 AA class Jean BartFAJB1991--

    9 units


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