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TW ROCN Sikorsky S-70C 11

The Max option implies only aircraft of this model onboard    

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TWROCNDDG-1801ROCS Kee Lung2005--
TWROCNDDG-1802ROCS Su Ao2005--
TWROCNDDG-1803ROCS Tso Ying2006--
TWROCNDDG-1805ROCS Ma Kong2006--

4 units


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2004RefitTW DDG-1805 ROCS Ma Kong Detyens Shipyard, North Charleston, South Carolina
2005-dec-17CommissionedTW DDG-1802 ROCS Su Ao
2005-dec-17CommissionedTW DDG-1801 ROCS Kee Lung
2006-nov-3CommissionedTW DDG-1803 ROCS Tso Ying
2006-nov-3CommissionedTW DDG-1805 ROCS Ma Kong

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