Sikorsky S-70C
taiwan Taiwan Navy

Republic of China Navy (Taiwan)

Del'd: 21 - 1990 to present

Taiwan Navy S-70C

Named Thunderhawk, the Republic of China Navy ordered ten S-70C(M)-1 in first place. Further eleven S-70C(M)-2 were ordered in 1997 which began arriving from April 2000. They are used by the 701 and 702 Helicopter Squadrons (Light). The Bluehawk is used by the Air Force

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DDG Kee Lung class
FFG Cheng Kung class
FF Kang Ding class
AO Wu Yi class

List of Aircraft

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C/NBuiltID     In this OrganisationIn other Org

    70-1634     2301: Navy S-70C(M)-1 Thunderhawk
    70-1558     2302: Navy S-70C(M)-1 Thunderhawk
    70-1568     2303: Navy S-70C(M)-1 Thunderhawk
    70-1574     2305: Navy S-70C(M)-1 Thunderhawk
    70-1580     2306: Navy S-70C(M)-1 Thunderhawk
    70-1582     2307: Navy S-70C(M)-1 Thunderhawk
    70-1586     2308: Navy S-70C(M)-1 Thunderhawk
    70-1671     2309: Navy S-70C(M)-1 Thunderhawk
Sikorsky Helicopters N5010E: Sikorsky Aug91-May93
    70-1673     2310: Navy S-70C(M)-1 Thunderhawk
        2311: Navy S-70C(M)-1 Thunderhawk; w/o 12jan94
    70-2530     2312: Navy S-70C(M)-2 Thunderhawk
    70-2562     2315: Navy S-70C(M)-2 Thunderhawk
    70-2555     2316: Navy S-70C(M)-2 Thunderhawk; w/o 19oct05
    70-2554     2317: Navy S-70C(M)-2 Thunderhawk
    70-2564     2319: Navy S-70C(M)-2 Thunderhawk
    70-2568     2320: Navy S-70C(M)-2 Thunderhawk
    70-2574     2321: w/o 21oct08
    70-2579     2322: Navy S-70C(M)-2 Thunderhawk
    70-2603     2323: Navy S-70C(M)-2 Thunderhawk
    70-2605     2325: Navy S-70C(M)-2 Thunderhawk
    70-2630     2326: Navy S-70C(M)-2 Thunderhawk

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