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  • TW Wu Yi class

    Support Ship



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    7700light (tn)
    17000full load (tn)
    162.10length (m)
    22beam (m)
    8.60draught (m)
    9200range (nm)
    21max speed (knots)
    2Naval Engine diesel
    1Missile Launcher RIM-72C Sea Chaparral quad
    2Naval Gun Oerlikon 20mm Mk.7 cannon
    2Naval Gun single 40 mm


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        Typical Max
    Landing platform only. No hangar
    TW ROCN Sikorsky S-70C 01

    The Max option implies only aircraft of this model onboard    


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    TW Taiwan International Shipbuilding - Heping Island1

    List of Ships

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    TWROCNAOE-530ROCS Wu Yi1990--

    1 units


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    1989-mar-4LaunchedTW AOE-530 ROCS Wu Yi
    1990-jun-23CommissionedTW AOE-530 ROCS Wu Yi

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