CH Oerlikon 20mm Mk.7 cannon

Naval Gun


Oerlikon Contraves a Swiss anti aircraft artillery company established in 1906.
The first Oerlikon 20mm cannon is built since 1914.


0.48weight (tn)
20caliber (mm)
300Rate of fire (round/min)
2range (km)

  Used by

1969UK Rover class support ship AO 2
1972IN Nilgiri class frigate FF 2
1980UK Invincible class aircraft carrier v stol CVS 2
1987TH Normed class landing ship/platform dock L 2
1990TW Wu Yi class support ship AO 2
1995NL Amsterdam class support ship AO 1
1995ES PatiƱo class support ship AO 2
1998ES Galicia Class landing ship/platform dock L 4

  In Service

UK Royal Fleet Auxiliary
ID indonesian navy
PT Portuguese Navy
IN Indian Navy
UK Royal Navy
TH Royal Thai Navy
TW Republic of China Navy (Taiwan)
NL Royal Netherlands Navy
ES Spanish Navy
PE Peruvian Navy

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