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    Support Ship


    Support Ship Rover class


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    4700light (tn)
    11520full load (tn)
    140.60length (m)
    19.20beam (m)
    7.30draught (m)
    15000range (nm)
    18max speed (knots)
    15300power (shp)
    2Naval Engine diesel - SEMT Pielstick
    2Naval Gun Oerlikon 20mm Mk.7 cannon


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        Typical Max
    Landing platform only. No hangar
    UK Royal Navy Westland Sea King 02

    The Max option implies only aircraft of this model onboard    


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    UK Hawthorn Leslie - Hebburn3
    UK Swan Hunter - Wallsend2

    List of Ships

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    UKRoyal Fleet AuxiliaryA268RFA Green RoverGYXJ - GN19691992
    ID TNI-AL 903 KRI Arun 1992--
    UKRoyal Fleet AuxiliaryA269RFA Grey RoverGYXM - GY19702009
    UKRoyal Fleet AuxiliaryA270RFA Blue RoverGYXS - BE19701993
    PT Portuguese Navy A5210 NRP Berrio 1993--
    UKRoyal Fleet AuxiliaryA271RFA Gold RoverGRET - GV19742017
    UKRoyal Fleet AuxiliaryA273RFA Black RoverGREU - BV1974--

    5 units


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    1968-janOrderedUK A268 RFA Green Rover
    1968-janOrderedUK A269 RFA Grey Rover
    1968-janOrderedUK A270 RFA Blue Rover
    1968-feb-28Laid downUK A268 RFA Green Rover at Swan Hunter (Hebburn) Yard - ex Hawthorne Leslie.
    1968-feb-28Laid downUK A269 RFA Grey Rover at Swan Hunter (Hebburn) Yard - ex Hawthorne Leslie.
    1968-dec-19LaunchedUK A268 RFA Green Rover
    1968-dec-30Laid downUK A270 RFA Blue Rover at Swan Hunter (Hebburn) Yard - ex Hawthorne Leslie.
    1969-apr-17LaunchedUK A269 RFA Grey Rover
    1969-aug-15CommissionedUK A268 RFA Green Rover
    1969-sepDeploymentUK A268 RFA Green Rover rendered assistance to RFA Appleleaf, towing her back to HMD Devonport
    1969-nov-11LaunchedUK A270 RFA Blue Rover
    1970-apr-10CommissionedUK A269 RFA Grey Rover
    1970-jul-15CommissionedUK A270 RFA Blue Rover
    1970-novDeploymentUK A268 RFA Green Rover departed UK for a Far East deployment (via Cape Town), returned by Sep 1971.
    1971-sep-17Port VisitUK A268 RFA Green Rover In Pool of London to provide a platform for a demonstration of the Harrier capability.
    1971-novOrderedUK A271 RFA Gold Rover
    1971-novOrderedUK A273 RFA Black Rover
    1972-aprDeploymentUK A268 RFA Green Rover joined waters off S E Iceland as Cod War Station tanker to support British trawlers in international waters
    1973-marRefitUK A270 RFA Blue Rover Completion of refit to change unreliable original 16000 shp diesel engines to Crossley-Pielstick units
    1973-mar-7LaunchedUK A271 RFA Gold Rover Yard No. 59
    1973-oct-20RefitUK A268 RFA Green Rover major engine failure while operating as Cod War Station Tanker and returned to Tyneside for replacement
    1973-oct-30LaunchedUK A273 RFA Black Rover Yard No 60
    1974-mar-22CommissionedUK A271 RFA Gold Rover
    1974-junRefitUK A268 RFA Green Rover Completion of refit to change unreliable original 16000 shp diesel engines to Crossley-Pielstick untis
    1974-jul-10DeploymentUK A271 RFA Gold Rover Partition of Cyprus supported evacuations during partition of Cyprus
    1974-aug-23CommissionedUK A273 RFA Black Rover
    1974-sepDeploymentUK A273 RFA Black Rover Partition of Cyprus played part in assisting with evacuations toward end of the operation
    1974-sep-17DeploymentUK A268 RFA Green Rover departed HMNB Devonport to support Task Group 317.2 for Far East deployment, joining with HMS Achilles, HMS Diomede, HMS Falmouth, HMS Leander, HMS Lowestoft, HMS Blake, RFA Olna and RFA Stromness, returned Jun 1975.
    1974-oct-14Port VisitUK A268 RFA Green Rover Visited Simonstown en route Far East deployment, in company with other ships from Task Group 317.2, until 21 Oct.
    1975-mar-29DeploymentUK A268 RFA Green Rover Operation Stella Ordered to coast off South Vietnam from a Far East group deployment, to support small task force in evacuation of British and Commonwealth citizens.
    1975-jul-22DeploymentUK A271 RFA Gold Rover departed UK as support for HMS Glamorgan, flagship of global Task Group 317.3, accompanied by RFA Tarbatness and RFA Tidespring. Escorted by elements of the 8th Frigate Squadron HMS Ajax, HMS Berwick, HMS Plymouth and HMS Rothesay. Returned 14 Apr 1976
    1975-sepRefitUK A269 RFA Grey Rover diesel Completion of refit to change unreliable original 16000 shp diesel engines to Crossley-Pielstick untis
    1977-jan-26DeploymentUK A268 RFA Green Rover Left Portsmouth with RFA Tidepool and RFA Tarbatness for an Atlantic deployment, supporting HMS Tiger and her escort group until May 1977.
    1977-jun-25DeploymentUK A271 RFA Gold Rover Fleet Review: Silver Jubilee of HM The Queen Present at Silver Jubilee Fleet Review, off Hill Head
    1977-aug-27DeploymentUK A268 RFA Green Rover present at Plymouth Navy Days 1977
    1977-sep-5DeploymentUK A269 RFA Grey Rover Departed HMNB Portsmouth for 7.5 month group deployment (TG 317.6) to Australia and Far East, supporting HMS Tiger and in company with HMS Rhyl, RFA Regent, RFA Tarbatness and RFA Tidepool. Returned 20 Apr 1978.
    1978-may-31DeploymentUK A268 RFA Green Rover departed HMNB Portsmouth supporting HMS Blake, Flagship of Task Group 317.7 for a 6.5 month Caribbean, Atlantic and Pacific group deployment in company with HMS Juno, RFA Stromness and RFA Tidespring. This group joined with the Devonport group of HMS Ambuscade, HMS Hermione and HMS Leander, returned to UK 12 Dec 1978.
    1979-may-8DeploymentUK A273 RFA Black Rover departed HMNB Portsmouth supporting HMS Norfolk, Flagship of Task Group 317.8 for a 6.5 month Indian Ocean and Far East group deployment in company with HMS Achilles, HMS Arethusa, HMS Falmouth, RFA Olmeda and RFA Regent. This group joined with the Devonport group of HMS Arrow and HMS Dido, returned to Portsmouth on 14 Dec 1978.
    1980-aug-7DeploymentUK A268 RFA Green Rover Off Grand Cayman with HMS Scylla, for Hurricane Allen relief operations.
    1982-apr-16DeploymentUK A270 RFA Blue Rover Operation Corporate Departed HMNB Portsmouth for South Atlantic as aviation fuel tanker, leaving theatre on 28 Jun 1982.
    1983-nov-18DeploymentUK A270 RFA Blue Rover Operation Offcut ordered to stand off Beirut in support of HMS Glamorgan and HMS Brazen, for assistance to British forces and civilians in Lebanon.
    1983-dec-2DeploymentUK A269 RFA Grey Rover Operation Offcut while returning as support tanker from an Armilla Patrol deployment, ordered off Cyprus in readiness to sail to Beirut, if required.
    1984-marDeploymentUK A269 RFA Grey Rover North Atlantic deployment including hosting a RAS with USS Austin.
    1984-mayDeploymentUK A271 RFA Gold Rover in UK waters as FOST tanker
    1984-jul-26AircraftUK A273 RFA Black Rover 829 Sq Active Flt Wasp HAS.1 XT779 /322-AV damaged while landing on deck, during a storm off Belize.
    1984-novRefitUK A271 RFA Gold Rover departed Gibraltar after refit
    1985-augDeploymentUK A269 RFA Grey Rover Refueled USS Vreeland in the North Atlantic
    1985-sep-6Port VisitUK A271 RFA Gold Rover Three day stop-over off Grand Cayman
    1986-junDeploymentUK A271 RFA Gold Rover Caribbean Flood Relief operations
    1986-augDeploymentUK A273 RFA Black Rover Armilla Patrol exercised with HMS Illustrious in the Mediterranean while Illustrious made for the Suez Canal. Black Rover supporting the Armilla Patrol at the time.
    1988-mayStruckUK A268 RFA Green Rover Put into reserve, on a month notice
    1992Fate: transferedUK A268 RFA Green Rover sold to Indonesia as KRI Arun.
    1992-aprRefitID 903 KRI Arun pre commissioning refit for Indonesian Navy for 4 months.
    1992-apr-18DeploymentUK A269 RFA Grey Rover while off the coast of Mauritania, supplied drums of foam to Lynx HAS.2 ZD265 / 338-CT as a team from HMS Campbeltown fought to extinguish a fire on a nearby tanker.
    1993-febStruckUK A270 RFA Blue Rover removed from service
    1993-marFate: transferedUK A270 RFA Blue Rover sold to Portugal as Berrio
    1993-mar-31CommissionedPT A5210 NRP Berrio
    1998-jun-15RefitUK A269 RFA Grey Rover until 27 Nov 1998
    1998-octDeploymentUK A273 RFA Black Rover Operation Tellar Sailed from Puerto Rico to participate in Hurricane reilef operations off central America
    1999-feb-15RefitUK A273 RFA Black Rover until 20 May 1999
    2001-febDeploymentUK A273 RFA Black Rover as Atlantic Patrol Tanker South - APT(S) - until Nov 2001, serving off Sierra Leone and the Falklands
    2002-marRefitUK A273 RFA Black Rover at HMD Portsmouth, until Jun 2002.
    2002-oct-14RefitUK A271 RFA Gold Rover until 20 Dec 2002
    2003DeploymentUK A271 RFA Gold Rover Atlantic Patrol Task (South) Departed UK as Atlantic Tanker South until 2004
    2003-jan-30DeploymentUK A269 RFA Grey Rover Operation Telic withdrawn from South Atlantic to support combat operations in Iraq, completing 20 Apr 2003.
    2003-apr-20DeploymentUK A269 RFA Grey Rover departed Persian Gulf in support of HMS Liverpool for Singapore and exercises with the Singapore Navy. Returned to the UK on 7 Aug.
    2003-dec-11Port VisitUK A271 RFA Gold Rover supported visit to Angola by HMS Glasgow
    2005-decDeploymentUK A271 RFA Gold Rover Atlantic Patrol Task (South) departed HMNB Devonport for South Atlantic to support the APT(S) mission, until c Mar 2008 when relieved by RFA Black Rover.
    2006-mar-15StruckUK A269 RFA Grey Rover taken out of service at Portsmouth
    2006-jun-1Port VisitUK A271 RFA Gold Rover Fleet Review: 50th Anniversary of Nigerian Navy joined celebrations for Golden Jubilee of Nigerian Navy, with HMS Chatham.
    2007-dec-16Port VisitUK A271 RFA Gold Rover visited following an appeal on 7 Dec by Island medical authorities for a contingency re-supply of drugs to combat a virus which caused breathing difficulties.
    2008-marDeploymentUK A273 RFA Black Rover Atlantic Patrol Task (South) Departed UK as Atlantic Tanker (South) in support of APT(S) mission, relieving RFA Gold Rover. On task c Apr 2008 to mid Apr 2009. Returned to Devonport 6 May 2009.
    2008-jul-6RefitUK A271 RFA Gold Rover arrived at Northwestern Shiprepairers and Shipbuilders Ltd (NSSL), in Birkenhead for c 5 month refit.
    2009-feb-18Port VisitUK A273 RFA Black Rover visited Rio de Janeiro for 4 days, in company with HMS Manchester and departed on 22 Feb.
    2009-jun-8RefitUK A273 RFA Black Rover entered Cammell Laird at Birkenhead for refit, until Jan 2010
    2009-oct-14Fate: scrappedUK A269 RFA Grey Rover towed to Liverpool for scrap at Leavesley International, following abandoned sale.
    2010-aprDeploymentUK A273 RFA Black Rover Atlantic Patrol Task (South) deployed to South Atlantic as support tanker. Variously supported HMS Gloucester, HMS York, HMS Edinburgh and HMS Clyde during the period. Relieved in Ascension Is by RFA Gold Rover and returned to Portland Harbour 27 Sep 2011.
    2010-apr-11RefitUK A271 RFA Gold Rover towed into Cammell Laird dry dock on Merseyside
    2011-apr-2Port VisitUK A273 RFA Black Rover visited East Cove, departed 15 Apr.
    2011-augDeploymentUK A271 RFA Gold Rover Departed HMNB Devonport for 21 month deployment as Atlantic Tanker South, relieving RFA Black Rover. Relieved in turn by RFA Black Rover and returned to Plymouth on 31 May 2013.
    2011-oct-25DeploymentUK A273 RFA Black Rover Staff College Sea Days 2011 Demonstrated Replenishment at Sea (RAS) techniques in the Solent.
    2013-may-31Port VisitUK A273 RFA Black Rover at Anchorage Delta inside Plymouth Breakwater
    2013-julPort VisitUK A273 RFA Black Rover 4 day visit off Grytviken, South Georgia
    2014-jun-22Port VisitUK A273 RFA Black Rover at East Cove Military Port
    2014-aug-11Port VisitUK A273 RFA Black Rover to Walvis Bay, until 15 Aug
    2014-sep-26DeploymentUK A271 RFA Gold Rover departed HMNB Devonport (22 Sep) on her final deployment to the South Atlantic, initially via Portland. Returned to Portland on 16 Feb 2017.
    2014-nov-3RefitUK A273 RFA Black Rover arrived Cammell Laird Birkenhead for refit, after de-storing at Glen Mallen. Departed 25 Jan 2015.
    2015-mar-17DeploymentUK A273 RFA Black Rover Staff College Sea Days 2015 supported 2015 Sea Days
    2015-apr-11DeploymentUK A273 RFA Black Rover Exercise Joint Warrior 15-1 participated in JW 15-1, off NW Scotland
    2015-may-31Port VisitUK A273 RFA Black Rover moored in Plymouth Sound. Departed 1 Jun.
    2015-junDeploymentUK A271 RFA Gold Rover rendezvous with HMS Lancaster and supported her during her Atlantic deployment, until a final RAS on 8 Nov.
    2015-jul-26DeploymentUK A273 RFA Black Rover departed Portland for Birkenhead. Returned under tow 13 Mar 2017.
    2015-oct-13Port VisitUK A271 RFA Gold Rover visited St Helena, until 15 Oct
    2015-novDeploymentUK A271 RFA Gold Rover Exercise UNITAS Atlantic 2015 only UK representative, off Brazilian coast
    2016-apr-8Port VisitUK A271 RFA Gold Rover visited Ascenscion Island until 12 Apr.
    2017-febDeploymentUK A271 RFA Gold Rover performed final RAS with HMS Portland, off west Africa
    2017-feb-22Port VisitUK A271 RFA Gold Rover entered HMNB Portsmouth for final time, prior to decommissioning
    2017-mar-7DecommissionedUK A271 RFA Gold Rover at Portsmouth
    2017-mar-22UK A273 RFA Black Rover moved from Portsmouth to Fareham Creek. Await disposal
    2018-marDeploymentID 903 KRI Arun Took on severe list during a RAS with KRI Dr Soeharso when ballast pumps failed. Towed to Surabya for repairs.
    2019-augFate: scrappedUK A271 RFA Gold Rover Sold for scrap in Turkey
    2019-aug-11Fate: scrappedUK A273 RFA Black Rover Sold for scrap in Turkey. Departed Portsmouth under tow to Aliaga.

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