united kingdom Hawthorn Leslie

Newcastle-upon-Tyne, England
United Kingdom

Satellite and aerial maps of Hawthorn Leslie with nearby locations

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0.4 65 A and P Tyneside, England
0.5310 Swan Hunter, England
1.8204 Vickers-Armstrong, England
4.0243 Spiller's Wharf, England
4.2108 Simonside, England
5.1 75GBNSH North Shields, England

54° 58' 58.2'' N - 1° 31' 30.6'' W

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List of ships built at Hawthorn Leslie

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1946Aircraft Carrier Colossus class
1963Support Ship Improved Tide class
1965Support Ship OL class
1966Frigate Towed Array Exocet Leander class
1967Landing Ship/Platform Dock Round Table class
1969Support Ship Rover class

1944-oct-2UK R16 HMS Triumph Colossus class
1962-may-3UK A75 RFA Tidespring Improved Tide class
1962-dec-11UK A76 RFA Tidepool Improved Tide class
1964-jul-10UK A122 RFA Olwen OL class
1965-jul-28UK A123 RFA Olna OL class
1966-feb-8UK F56 HMS Argonaut Towed Array Exocet Leander class
1966-jul-20UK L3004 RFA Sir Bedivere Round Table class
1966-dec-12UK L3505 RFA Sir Tristram Round Table class
1967-oct-4UK L3036 RFA Sir Percivale Round Table class
1968-dec-19UK A268 RFA Green Rover Rover class
1969-apr-17UK A269 RFA Grey Rover Rover class
1969-nov-11UK A270 RFA Blue Rover Rover class

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