united kingdom Vickers-Armstrong

Newcastle-upon-Tyne, Tyne and Wear, England

United Kingdom

Satellite and aerial maps of Vickers-Armstrong with nearby locations

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1.8024 Hawthorn Leslie, England
2.0011 Swan Hunter, England
2.1030 A and P Tyneside, England
2.8265EGG11 RMR Tyne, England
2.9267 Spiller's Wharf, England
4.8086 Simonside, England

54° 58' 4.26'' N - 1° 32' 12.5'' W
High Walker

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List of ships built at Vickers-Armstrong

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-Aircraft Carrier Majestic class
1941Aircraft Carrier Illustrious class
1944Aircraft Carrier Colossus class
1960Destroyerchile Almirante class
1963Frigate Exocet Leander class
1966Guided-Missile Destroyer County class
1969Frigate Broad Beam Leander class

1939-sep-14UK R38 HMS Victorious Illustrious class
1940-mar-26UK R92 HMS Indomitable Illustrious class
1943-sep-30UK R15 HMS Colossus Colossus class
1944-mar-26UK R51 HMS Perseus Colossus class
1945-sep-22UK R49 HMS Hercules Majestic class
1958-may-5CL DDG-19 Almirante Williams Almirante class
1958-dec-12CL DDG-18 Almirante Riveros Almirante class
1962-aug-17UK F127 HMS Penelope Exocet Leander class
1964-jul-9UK D19 HMS Glamorgan County class
1964-dec-19UK F45 HMS Minerva Exocet Leander class
1968-feb-29UK F69 HMS Bacchante Broad Beam Leander class

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