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  • united kingdom Swan Hunter (Wallsend)

    Newcastle-upon-Tyne, Tyne and Wear, England

    United Kingdom

    Satellite and aerial maps of Swan Hunter (Wallsend) with nearby locations

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    0.5130 Hawthorn Leslie, England
    0.6201 Swan Hunter (Neptune), England
    0.7102 A and P Tyneside, England
    2.0191 Vickers-Armstrong, England
    3.8235EGG11 RMR Tyne, England
    3.9237 Spiller's Wharf, England

    1874 to 2006

    54° 59' 7.76'' N - 1° 31' 50.02'' W

    History of this Location

    Following the Geddes report in 1966, it was clear that, rather like the UK aviation industry, rationalisation in shipbuilding was also required. Between 1966 and 1969, Swan Hunter acquired the yards of Vickers (at Walker), Hawthorn Leslie (at Hebburn) and Furness (on the River Tees).
    British shipbuilding in general and Swan Hunter Shipbuilders (renamed in 1969) in particular were rocked by the 1973 war in the Middle East which forced oil prices upward (reducing demand for tankers and other shipping), and were shaken by the entrance of new players into the market from the Far East. It began a steady decline for Swan Hunter which hit a cliff edge when the Receivers were called in just before HMS Richmond departed the yard on 3 Nov 1994 and the company was sold to the Dutch.

    Renamed Swan Hunter (Tyneside) Ltd in 1995, it refocussed on commerical and offshore vessels but it had lost its expertise in naval shipbuilding and in dealing with the UK MoD. Its bids for RFA Largs Bay and RFA Lyme Bay proved disastrous for the company, the MoD and the RFA, due to cost overruns and schedule delays. In 2006 it sold its assets and closed its doors.

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    List of ships built at Swan Hunter (Wallsend)

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    1943Frigate Type 15 class
    1944Aircraft Carrier Colossus class
    1954Aircraft Carrier Modified Centaur class
    1961Frigate Type 12 Rothesay class
    1963Guided-Missile Destroyer County class
    1964Frigate Ikara Leander class
    1967Support Ship Ness class
    1982Aircraft Carrier V STOL Invincible class
    1988Frigate Type 22 (Batch 2) Boxer class
    1988Landing Ship/Platform Dock Round Table class
    1991Frigate Type 23 Duke class
    1993Support Ship Fort II class (1992)
    2006Landing Ship/Platform Dock Bay class

    1942-oct-12UK F197 HMS Grenville Type 15 class
    1944-feb-23UK R71 HMS Vengeance Colossus class
    1947-may-6UK R07 HMS Albion Modified Centaur class
    1959-dec-15UK F113 HMS Falmouth Type 12 Rothesay class
    1961-dec-7UK D16 HMS London County class
    1963-may-23UK F18 HMS Galatea Ikara Leander class
    1966-sep-16UK A344 RFA Stromness Ness class
    1967-nov-16UK D21 HMS Norfolk County class
    1978-dec-14UK R06 HMS Illustrious Invincible class
    1981-jun-2UK R07 HMS Ark Royal Invincible class
    1986-apr-8UK F98 HMS Coventry Type 22 (Batch 2) Boxer class
    1986-dec-13UK L3005 RFA Sir Galahad (1988) Round Table class
    1989-jan-21UK F233 HMS Marlborough Type 23 Duke class
    1991-mar-1UK A388 RFA Fort George Fort II class (1992)
    1992-feb-4UK F237 HMS Westminster Type 23 Duke class
    1992-apr-4UK F238 HMS Northumberland Type 23 Duke class
    1993-apr-6UK F239 HMS Richmond Type 23 Duke class
    2003-jul-18UK L3006 RFA Largs Bay Bay class
    2005-aug-26UK L3007 RFA Lyme Bay Bay class

    List of aircraft and events at Swan Hunter (Wallsend)

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    By Date | By Serial

    1941-nov-01 RN Type 15 class F197 HMS Grenville
    1942-nov-16 RN Colossus class R71 HMS Vengeance
    1944-mar-23 RN Modified Centaur class R07 HMS Albion
    1957-nov-23 RN Type 12 Rothesay class F113 HMS Falmouth
    1960-feb-26 RN County class D16 HMS London
    1961-dec-29 RN Ikara Leander class F18 HMS Galatea
    1965-oct-05 Royal Fleet Auxiliary Ness class A344 RFA Stromness
    1966-mar-15 RN County class D21 HMS Norfolk
    1976-jul-22 RN Type 42 (Batch 1 and 2) class D89 HMS Exeter
    1976-oct-07 RN Invincible class R06 HMS Illustrious
    1978-dec-14 RN Invincible class R07 HMS Ark Royal
    1984-mar-29 RN Type 22 (Batch 2) Boxer class F98 HMS Coventry
    1985-jul-12 Royal Fleet Auxiliary Round Table class L3005 RFA Sir Galahad (1988)
    1987-oct-22 RN Type 23 Duke class F233 HMS Marlborough
    1989-mar-09 Royal Fleet Auxiliary Fort II class (1992) A388 RFA Fort George
    1991-jan-18 RN Type 23 Duke class F237 HMS Westminster
    1991-apr-04 RN Type 23 Duke class F238 HMS Northumberland
    1992-feb-06 RN Type 23 Duke class F239 HMS Richmond
    1994-nov-03 RN Type 23 Duke class F239 HMS Richmond

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